The Sparkup Magical Book Reader may be my favorite new tech toy for 2014. It’s designed for kids ages 3 through 8, though much younger children can enjoy it with a parent. What I love about this toy is that it allows parents, grandparents, and others to record stories that children can then read over and over.


Kids love pre-recorded books, but what makes this even more fun is that the voice is that of someone they know!  Anyone can record a book with the easy-to-use recording/reading device. It only takes a moment to figure out the simple controls. Once the player is attached to the back of a book, the fun begins.

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Sparkup Magical Book Reader prompts the reader via voice prompts on how to record the book. It includes a prompt for the reader to add his/her name and the relationship to the child if they desire. Once a page has been recorded, it’s possible to play it back immediately to check for errors. Pages can be rerecorded if the reader isn’t happy with his/her performance.

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I will say you’ll record faster and get better results if you take time to clear the room, quite any fans or other noises, and focus on recording. Have a glass of water handy – it’s amazing how fast your throat gets dry. Once the book is complete it’s ready to be read.

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Children need only slip the back of a book into the reader and turn it on. It recognizes books that have been recorded and it reads the appropriate page, even if they’re read out of order. This format allows kids to read through at their own pace and flip back to favorite pages at any time.

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Sparkup Magical Book Reader is perfect in so many ways. It stores up to 250 minutes of audio which is about 50 early reader books and you can transfer the files to your computer for safekeeping. This is especially important if you’ve had family members like grandma and grandpa, siblings, or even the child record stories – you don’t want to lose those and you may want to share them with other family members!

I’m recording books for future grandchildren. See that stack of books behind the reader? Those are the ones I’ve got planned. I’m hoping to enlist my mother, mother-in-law, and father-in-law in reading a few too!

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Where to buy the Sparkup Magical Book Reader 

Sparkup Magical Book Reader is available for purchase on Amazon or www.sparkupreader.com.

For more information on how the system works, visit the Sparkup Reader website.