When my husband and I bought the home we currently live in, it was a bit of a disaster. It had been bank owned and vacant for almost six months. It had some stylish laminate flooring from the 80’s in the bathrooms and kitchen while the remainder of the home was carpet. It was clear this home had previously contained pets as the carpets were stained and ruined. My husband was eager to rip everything out to install our geo-thermal heat system and couldn’t wait to lay hardwood throughout the house with new carpet in the bedrooms. With a large carpet in the center of the living room and beautiful hard wood floors beneath, our comfy home was coming together shortly after the purchase.

We have now lived here for two and a half years and we conti
nue to enjoy the 8′ x 12′ rug we purchased shortly after the floors were finished. We knew having the rug would help to protect the hardwood from our two dogs, furniture, and everyday living. With the purchase of a home and rug, we knew a rug pad while necessary, would have to wait until we had room in our budget.

Rug Pad Corner: Eco-friendly Rug Pads Make All The Difference

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About a month ago we received the opportunity to try out a rug pad from Rug Pad Corner. I am completely impressed with this company for a variety of reasons. First, communication with an employee was timely and professional throughout the ordering, shipping, and even after the receiving of our product. Our rug pad shipped quickly and arrived in a box on our door step. The pad was folded and rolled so the box was a reasonable size. Packaging was neat and directions with clear labels were posted, not leaving any confusion upon the arrival of the product for the customer.

Receiving a new rug pad was a great opportunity to clean out all of the furniture in my living room to sweep and mop the hardwood floors. After everything was out of the way, my husband unfolded and unrolled the pad, spreading it across the floor. We were quickly impressed that unlike cheap rug pads, this one had no chemical odor.In fact, there was no smell at all. Often when products like these come and they are opened in your home, you immediately have to open a window to air out that factory, chemical smell. This pad has absolutely no smell because the product contains no glue! Instead, the company uses as exclusive Heat Pressing to reinforce the rubber to the felt. Only rug pads by Rug Pad Corner are Certified RPC Heat Pressed™.

Rug Pad Corner offers the most natural rug pads made in the USA that are completely safe for the floor and home. The products are made with absolutely no chemicals, glue, or adhesive so they can be used in any room on any floor. The rug pads are organic and made to work on any type flooring, including our hardwood with geo-thermal heating beneath. The non-stick padding creates a safe environment for our dogs as they come running in from outside and it prevents any corners from being tripped on.

The Ultra Premium pad we have adds a full 1/3″ of padding which adds immense comfort when walking on the rug. I especially appreciate how soft it is with a small child crawling and eventually learning to walk to create a softer landing. A variety of options are available through the website to accommodate any floor type making it easy to order comfort and safety for every room.

Rug Pad Corner: Eco-friendly Rug Pads Make All The Difference - ad

After receiving the rug pad, my husband still had a few questions regarding the rug pad and our unique floor heat. We were immediately sent information from the company to ensure the pad would work properly in our home. I have been thoroughly impressed with the Rug Pad company and look forward to purchasing additional rug pads in the future.

What room in your house deserves the comfort and quality of an eco-friendly rug pad?