It’s almost embarrassing now, but 4 years ago I wrote an introductory post on Tofu. I’d just started cooking with it and I wanted to share how easy and delicious it was to use as an ingredient in vegetarian cooking. Since then I’ve come to learn that organic soy is the only type I choose to eat and there’s no need to press tofu with dinner plates and heavy cans, there is a better way.


Remove Water from Tofu for Better Flavor and Texture with the EZ Tofu Press

The EZ Tofu Press is exactly that. A dishwasher-safe device that presses the moisture from your tofu prior to cooking with it. The benefit of the more precise pressing with the EZ Tofu Press is that you don’t end up with cans clanging to the floor and the pressing is faster and more even. Pressing takes as little as 15 minutes and only requires that you turn the screws every 2 minutes or so during that time. It sounds labor intensive, but it’s not. It’s a quick turn while I wash and prep veggies and make my marinade.

Thankfully the EZ Tofu Press can handle a wide variety of sizes of firm and extra firm tofu because on my last grocery delivery my store substituted cubed tofu for a block. When I first opened it I wondered how in the world I’d press all these tiny little cubes without breaking them apart completely. I figured I’d give the press a try and sort of scoop them all in, not paying any attention to how they lay or were arranged, and I’d just go for it because I couln’t think of another way to remove the liquid that was more promising.

Tofu for me, chicken for him - one marinade, one veggie stir-fry, dinner for two in 30 minutes.

Tofu for me, chicken for him – one marinade, one veggie stir-fry, dinner for two in 30 minutes.

I needn’t have worried, the EZ Tofu Press took care of those tiny little cubes and they retained their shape with only a few minor corners removed. Once my tofu was ready, I quickly sauted it in a little olive oil because I like the outside texture to be crisp and then I added my sauce and kept the heat high until it caramelized nicely. I removed the tofu and stir-fried the vegetables separately (I’d previously marinated and stir-fried chicken for my husband, also separately). Then I combined the veggies with the protein and served. It was delicious and worth the few minutes of pressing it took.

The EZ Tofu Press has been the #1 selling tofu press on Amazon for three years. At only $19.99 it affordable and I love the quick and easy clean-up and the simple design.

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