Lugz EMPIRE WR boots  (available in lo, mid and hi heights) - ad


My husband has been wearing the same black leather high-top, lace-up boots since 1979. Well sure, he’s had a few pair, but I do think one of them dates back to his first day on the job. The boots he wears on his day off are the worn-down duty boots that are no longer fit to wear at work. Crazy, right?!? They’re made to withstand the rigors of firefighting so they weigh a ton and make so much noise as he walks and they leave black marks on the floors. He can’t take them off because they take forever to lace up so he wears them in the house, tracking mud and dirt everywhere, which drives me insane.


Lugz EMPIRE WR Boots and Shoes for Men

Lugz wanted me to show my reluctant-to-change-husband that lightweight boots can be comfortable and stylish and there’s no need to keep wearing a pair of boots that should have been recycled years ago around.  To help him transition to the new millennium, Lugz sent him a beautiful pair of  boots from their EMPIRE WR line of boots and shoes. They’re available in lo-, mid-, and hi- heights and offer the added bonus of being slip and water resistant.

Lugz EMPIRE WR boots  (available in lo, mid and hi heights) - ad

They also have a memory foam innersole they call Flexastride for even more comfort. The only thing the EMPIRE WR boots don’t have that his old ones did is steel toes, but if you need those, Lugz offers boots with them as well.

Lugz EMPIRE WR boots  (available in lo, mid and hi heights) - ad

The Lugz EMPIRE WR line offers some fabulous looking styles in colors like wheat, bark, charcoal, cream, walnut, and black (though I forbid him from ordering black boots). He chose a nice EMPIRE HI WR boot  in chocolate, bark, and cream with a gum sole so he’d stop marking up the floor – now that’s how you show someone you love her!  The boots and shoes in the EMPIRE WR line are available in either permahide and  thermabuck which are terms Lugz uses to describe the fabric they’re made from that imitates animal skin. The permahide looks like traditional leather and the thermabuck like suede.

Lugz EMPIRE WR boots  (available in lo, mid and hi heights) - ad

So how’s the great boot trade out been going? Well, my husband is a very old dog and it’s really hard to get him to try new things, but they fit him perfectly and felt great around the house. He’s taken them on a hunting trip so I’m sure they won’t be a pretty when they come home, but that’s progress!

Where to Buy Lugz Shoes and Boots

Lugz boots and shoes can be purchased from their website, in-store (find a location using the Lugz store finder) at Fred Meyer, Foot Locker, Famous Footwear, and many more as well as online. You can also find specials, new releases, and more on the Lugz’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Win a Pair of Lugz EMPIRE WR Boots

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