The Parents' Phrase Book: Hundreds of Easy, Useful Phrases, Scripts, and Techniques for Every Situation by Whit Honea

The perfect gift for a new mom or dad or parents of children of any age who are having trouble.The Parents’ Phrase Book: Hundreds of Easy, Useful Phrases, Scripts, and Techniques for Every Situation was written by a fantastic dad blogger whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with. That aside, the book is filled with situations every parent will find themselves in at some point of their parenting career and Whit Honea (rhymes with Pony) gives you several techniques for handling them.

What do you say when your child gets caught in a fib? Or asks you about the birds and the bees? WithThe Parents’ Phrase Book, you no longer have to worry about coming up with the right response on the spot. Written by Whit Honea, a parenting expert whose advice has appeared on BabyCenter, Babble, and the Huffington Post, among others, this valuable guide provides you with the key language and tactics you will need to deal with a variety of parenting situations. Inside, Honea explains why his approach quickly resolves issues and why so many of the parenting phrases you hear on the playground may actually encourage children to misbehave. From tackling sibling rivalry to handling bullies at school, The Parents’ Phrase Book will help you connect with your child and address even the toughest parenting dilemmas.

The Parents’ Phrase Book – It’s never too late to learn something new about parenting

As a mom of adult boys, I thought I knew it all, but I was wrong. After reading Honea’s book I realized I could have handled some situations better. Some that have bothered me to this day (my boys are 27 & 29). I used Honea’s advice from the book (with the longest title ever) and talked to my kids about what happened using the new language. Of course they looked at me like I was crazy because unlike me, they’d forgotten all about the situations that had been hounding me for years.

Perhaps my favorite parts of the book are the ones that I would have used the most during my time as a parent. The first is, “It wasn’t me!” That’s something I could have handled much better when it cropped up on almost a daily basis as soon as my second child was born. I also appreciated, “Tattle and Telling: The Blame Brothers.” Oh my, it’s like Honea’s been inside our home and watched my boys interact as children. But then he has boys of his own so likely we’ve lived a parallel life, just years apart.

Take a few moments to read the book and then have it on hand to refer to when specific issues come up. You’ll be glad to have a handy resource that’s filled with common sense approaches when you need them. It can be exactly what you need after a day of being pushed to your limits and thankfully Whit’s humor shines through – he admits the bathroom is a great place to store his book and no, he won’t be offended if he finds your copy there.

Check out Whit. He’s a fantastic writer but more importantly, he’s a fabulous human being. Follow him on and meet his lovely family on his personal blog, Honea Express.