CW by CorningWare Stoneware - Colorful Kitchen Addition - ad


I am a lover of kitchen things to Alex’s dismay  so I only try to get things that I will actually use more than once and that can fit compactly in the cabinet since we are limited on storage. The CW by CorningWare 4 PC set is a perfect little bakeware set that fits nicely in a cabinet. Each piece nestles into another piece for compact storage

The set includes a 1.9 qt Twilight Shallow Baker, 3 qt. Pool Baker, 1.5 qt Vermillion Baker, and a 20 oz Curry Baker. Each dish is made up of durable stoneware that is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. The colors are very vibrant and can make your dinner table look very modern or if you have other CorningWare dishes you can go for a more monotone look and match them with whichever bakeware has that color. The set retails for $49.99 and has a one year limited time warranty.

CW by CorningWare Stoneware - Colorful Kitchen Addition - ad

I normally will do anything to not have to cook for Thanksgiving. This year I wanted to show off some of my new bakeware set and make a couple healthier recipes for the holidays. After talking with my mom I decided on making a small amount of twice baked mashed cauliflower and a clean eating gravy for us to enjoy along with the not so healthy but oh so delicious Thanksgiving regulars.

I put the final products in two of the CW by CorningWare dishes and couldn’t help but show them off once I arrived at my mom’s. These dishes were so diverse. I could bake in them, then reheat the food in them, store leftovers in them, and it was easy to clean up the mess. The colors are so vibrant and just make me want to use them especially for hosting. These are the kind of dishes that I will use over and over and they seem like ones that will last. These would make a great gift for any at home chef who wants to add some fun color to their dish collections and wants bakeware that can be used all around.

CW by CorningWare Stoneware - Colorful Kitchen Addition - ad

Here are the links for both recipes I made:

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What would you cook in your colorful CW by CorningWare?