Custom Guitar Strap Gallery - See what customer's are ordering plus see the straps from design to reality!  ad

Custom Guitar Strap Gallery – See what customer’s are ordering plus see the straps from design to reality!

StrapGraphics provides the perfect gift for the guitar player in your life. As a lover of music and one who appreciates the artistry involved, I wanted to provide my guitar-playing brother-in-law with the perfect gift this Christmas – a custom guitar strap. These personalized straps are created to fit any personality with options to add a color, unique designs, pictures, and even custom words and phrases, all while designing on your choice of material and strap size.

StrapGraphics is located in Oregon and they take pride in their straps. How certain are they that you’ll love their craftsmanship? They back your purchase with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love it, you can return it for a credit on a new guitar strap or a refund.

Don’t play guitar? They also offer custom leather camera straps in two sizes – 1-1/2″ or 2″. The straps can be customized in the same manner as the guitar straps and look phenomenal!

A look at the custom camera strap creation process.

A look at the custom camera strap creation process and the strap I’d create – photos of my travels and those of my kids. -editor


Custom Guitar Straps – Creating Your Own

I had an awesome time creating a strap for my brother-in-law. The website walked me through each step along the way making the design process simple and very user-friendly. I decorated his strap with blue and green in honor of his favorite sports team- our Seattle Seahawks. I also incorporated a native hawk design to not only support the team, but also  in honor of his Native heritage. I finished the strap with a unique thread design and his nickname.

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You can use your own graphics or those provided by StrapGraphics’ stock library. There are plenty of categories to choose from and you can change the size, rotation, and even the color of most of them. Adding text is easy as well – use their font library to add your own text, change the size and color, plus move it anywhere on the strap. You can change the opacity to make things semi-transparent as well as layer objects for a truly one-of-a-kind and unique strap.

Custom Guitar Straps – StrapGraphics Designer Tutorial

Custom Guitar Straps – Personalize a Gift or give a Gift Card

Love the idea of a personalized guitar strap but don’t clue where to start with the design process? No problem! StrapGraphics offerfs a gift card so that your music lover can design his/her own custom strap. Worried the product might not make it in time for the holidays? Check out their “Rush Order” option to get that strap sent out in a flash!

Custom Guitar Straps – They’re Affordable!

But how much does a custom guitar strap from StrapGraphics cost? It depends. The cost of each custom strap is based on each unique design. Check out their website at www.StrapGraphics.com for more information on getting that personalized guitar strap ordered today!

I cannot wait to give him his custom, personalized strap for Christmas! Who’s on your Christmas List that would love a customer guitar or camera strap?