Fiskars is one of my favorite brands of scissors, so when I discovered they’d launched a series of Tag Makers, I had to find out more. I didn’t have a specific project in mind, I just new that it’d be a great addition to my crafting arsenal.

Fiskars Tag Maker

When the Fiskars Scalloped Tag Maker arrived I was impressed by the weight of it – this is a substantial stamper. The first thing about the design I noticed is that you can see exactly what you’ll be cutting out by turning it over. That allows you to line up the paper exactly where you want which is especially handy if the paper you’re using has a print.

The Fiskars Tag Maker cuts through paper with ease and leaves a nice, clean edge. Once the tag is created,  you can then use a secondary cutter which is located just above the original slot, to punch a small hole in one or both ends of the tag. The guides keep the paper lined up so it’s a perfect punch every time.


Once the holes are punched you can add a metal eyelet (they include 20 3/16″ eyelets with the kit) by turning the unit so that you can access the eyelet press on the backside under the handle. This is the only part of the process I found a little bit difficult. I had a hard time keeping the paper on the tab and straight and spent a lot of time pickup up tiny eyelets from the ground. I’m sure with practice I’ll get better at it.

The Fiskars Scalloped Tag Maker is pretty fabulous. It’s got a lifetime warranty and can make tags from up to 80-lb card stock. The tags are a perfect size at 2″ x 3″ size. Make Christmas gift tags, jar tags, and so much more. Use sticker paper and punch out jar labels (skip the eyelet punch), chalkboard paper, and more.

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The Fiskars Tag Makers are available in several styles which can be found at craft stores nationwide and online including Amazon.com

What would you create with a Fiskars Tag Maker?

Make your project even more fun! Buy fun holiday shaped 3/16″ Eyelets for your tags