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Kids Tablet - InnoTab MAX from Vtech: Teacher Recommended! ad

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The VTECH® INNOTAB MAX is recommended for children ages 3-9  MSRP: $109.99

I will be the first person to admit that although I lack serious skills in technology, many new products involving the use of technology can be both useful and educational. As a teacher I am always reminded of the latest-and-greatest items on the market when students share about some of their latest gifts. It seems that more often than not, these new gadgets involve some form of technology. I can only hope that with as much time as students are playing with these gifts, they offer some form of learning.

InnoTab MAX from Vetch

I was excited to have the opportunity to check out the InnoTab MAX from Vetch. This tablet with a 7″ high-resolution multi-touch screen is the 4th generation learning tablet created just for kids. It features the companies fastest processor with up to 6 times the processing power of the previous model. What I enjoy about this tablet, aside from access to 650+ educator-supported VTech and Android Learning Apps, is the family involvement opportunities. This tablet features VTech Kid Connect with no additional cost – allowing parents and kids to connect through the tablet and smartphones to share text and voice messages, photos, and fun stickers all in real time! What a great opportunity to use technology in a safe way to communicate between parties without a child needing a cellphone! Children can spend time creating fun videos and taking pictures to make movies with friends, siblings, and even mom and dad to share for years to come.


The Apps are designed to meet the needs of children all ages from 3-9 years old and can be purchased and downloaded through VTech’s Learning Lodge App store. Some apps already on the tablet include My Magic Beanstalk, Wonder Cam Max, Premium VTech Kid Connect, Movie Maker, and the E-reader with Story Dictionary. With a child still very young, I like using the E-reader app so both Paisley and I can follow along with the story as it reads the words to us. This app is really beneficial for children as they are learning to read as the words light up as the character reads the word- making a connections for children as they see and hear a word simultaneously.

InnoTab MAX from Vtech: Teacher Recommended! ad


The kid-safe Wi-Fi allows children to explore and view only content approved by VTech, including websites and videos, leaving parents to know their child is using resources safely even when they cannot be present. Along these same lines, VTech created parental controls that allow parents to manage apps, tablet time, web access, and progress. The built-in rechargeable Lithium battery allows children to take the tablet anywhere for use, for example during long road trips, with a long-lasting usage time. The tablet includes a USB cable and power adapter, stylus and string attachment, and a software preview cartridge to check out some of the apps provided by VTech. The InnoTab MAX has space for a microSD memory card (not included) to expand available memory for downloaded content, photos, videos or music for memory cards up to 32GB.

InnoTab MAX from Vtech: Teacher Recommended! ad

As a teacher I believe strongly in this product as it provides children with a safe and educational opportunity to explore a variety of apps designed by experts for success. I encourage you to check out the following two videos for more information from VTech’s platform learning expert panelist, Dr. Eric Klopfer, as he provides a clear perspective of the InnoTab MAX:

VTech Kid Connect — An Educator’s Perspective

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