1987 - Pregnant with my second son - I even look as miserable as I felt.

1987 – Pregnant with my second son – I even look as miserable as I felt.

I’ll admit it. I get a wee bit jealous when I hear women go on about how they never had a bit of morning sickness during their pregnancies. While I bite my tongue, I remember back to when I was pregnant and just thinking about it makes me queasy.

In fact, hearing music from the 80’s, especially anything by Madonna, or a pattern of blue vertical stripes (a maternity top I wore constantly throughout both pregnancies) can bring up a bit of my lunch as my body reacts without my thinking about it. That’s because I spent my entire pregnancies queasy and dizzy – the entire 9 months and all day, every day. It was terrible.

Morning Sickness Can Really Ruin a Pregnancy

I loved being pregnant, the excitement and anticipation, but the nausea was overwhelming. I worked full-time and sick days disappeared quickly. Unlike most women, I turned to food to try to quell my discomfort. I snacked on saltine crackers constantly and tried anything to take away the feeling of impending vomit. That need for relief, though only very short lived until the cracker was gone, resulted in an 80+ pound weight gain with both boys.

Morning sickness and traumatic births are the two reasons we stopped at two children, something I greatly regret now that they’ve grown and gone. We felt lucky that both had been delivered healthy and the thought of going through nine months of misery again was overwhelming. How I wish I’d sucked it up and had one or two more children.

Sea-Band Mama – Drug-free Morning Sickness Relief

Pregnant mom’s today have some help. There are drug-free products to help quell the queezies. Sea-Band Mama products can be used safely and without worry. I tried Sea-Band Mama Ginger Lozenges with Folic Acid and loved them. I’m keeping them on hand because as I’ve gotten older, I get motion sick more often. These really help settle my stomach when that happens.

There’s also the Sea-Band Mama washable and reusable pressure point bands that are said to trigger a response that curbs nausea. They’re used quite commonly on cruise ships and airplanes and I love that them come with a carrying case.

Pregnancy Morning Sickness? Drug Free Ways to Reduce Nausea During Pregnancy

Sea-Band Mama – Find Out More

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