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Saline Nasal Spray - Little Remedies: Get Ready For Cold and Flu Season Naturally  #LittleRemedies #MC @LittleRemedies  ad

As a new mom with a young child I have yet to experience the debilitating cold/flu season so many parents dread. The time when parents struggle to take care of their sick little ones because the entire house has been infected with a nasty bug. As a teacher I am aware of these moments and am not oblivious to the fact that my 7 month old daughter, Paisley, will come down with something awful at some point.

Little Remedies: Winter Dry Nose Relief

As the cold weather approached here in Seattle this last week I began to quickly notice Paisley frequently wiping her nose. I was not surprised to see her the next morning with a stuffy, runny nose. It is heartbreaking to see your baby restless, unable to sleep well, and crying because she is uncomfortable. As much as I want to help her get better, it can be difficult to find a product on the market that infants can safely use to relieve some of these irritating symptoms of the cold season.

It has become clear to me that she is dealing with the dry, stuffy nose so many experience during these times. I don’t think I need to take a picture and share, or go into detail about what this looks like, but I’m sure you all know how sticky, crusty, and gooey these little runny noses can get. As a new mom with out friends with kids, I often find myself turning to the internet or relatives for advice on how to help in these situations. I know that little children, particularly infants, are unable to have cold medicine when they are still so young. I find myself trying to be careful of what she touches and who she is around as best I can while still letting her be the curious little girl that she is. As much as I want to protect her, I know some things are inevitable.

Little Remedies – “Everything they need, nothing they don’t”

When I heard about the children’s medicine brand Little Remedies, and the simple, natural products used to treat common cold symptoms, I was excited to read that the Little Remedies Saline Spray/Drops were safe to use on newborns/infants to relieve dry and stuffy noses. I immediately sprayed the solution into her nose a few times and was delighted to see she was not irritated with the process. Within an hour she had some drainage that helped her to breath more clearly- no longer wheezing. Paisley gets the solution sprayed twice each day and seems to be having no issue with the cold, dry temperatures. I only wish I would have known of this product during our trip to Europe a few months ago to help on the airplane with the dry air.

Little Remedies: Get Ready For Cold and Flu Season Naturally  #LittleRemedies #MC @LittleRemedies

Little Remedies – Natural Cold, Cough, and Dry or Runny Nose Relievers

Little Remedies products were created by a father looking to effectively relieve children of their symptoms with the belief that “less is more” when it came to the ingredients included. The line of products for children ages newborn to eleven years is designed to help relieve cold and flu symptoms with no artificial flavors, artificial colors, or alcohol.

Along with the stuffy, dry nose so many little ones face, often a terrible and uncomfortable cough can be present. Little Remedies has created a Honey Cough Syrup that can sooth coughs day or night, contains only three ingredients, and can be used on children 12 months and up.

Although Paisley is only seven months old, I am relieved to know I will have this product on hand and available in my home for when the moment hits that she faces this terrible cough. I feel completely at ease knowing exactly what goes into her little body as the ingredients are few and natural.

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