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Seahawks Century Link - Nov 9, 2014 - Verizon NFL Experience at Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field #VZWBuzz #MoreSeattle ad

The halftime dedication to the US Military

If you live in Washington state then you know Seahawks game day is a time to show your Hawks pride by wearing your green and blue and either partake in game day festivities at home or if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to a game this season, tailgating at the Clinq. My husband Alex and I got the opportunity to experience a home game in person on November 9th when the Hawks took on the New York Giants.

When this opportunity came up I was beyond excited and nothing was going to keep me from attending this game. It was a typical rainy Seattle fall day so we put on our rain gear and headed into the Seattle. We timed our trip so that we could get to the stadium around noon because we wanted to enjoy some of the pregame festivities and we’re glad we did.

Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline - Verizon Experience at Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field #VZWBuzz #MoreSeattle ad

Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline

We were greeted outside the stadium by the energetic Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline. We also checked out some of the  military Stryker vehicles that were there in honor of Veteran’s Day.

After spending several minutes watching Alex gawk at the military equipment, we went inside to enjoy Touchdown City (located in the CenturyLink Field Event Center, which is connected to the south end of CenturyLink Field, off Occidental Avenue).  Admission to Touchdown City is FREE and open to all Seahawks fans on home game days. It opens three hours before the game which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the experience.

Activities change, but you’ll generally find  free facepainting at the “Get Your Game Face On” station, football displays and skill tests, a meet & greet with the Sea Gals (11:30-12pm), and a Seahawk souvenir store. Plus KIRO radio broadcasts their pre-game show live from Touchdown City.  You can also grab a nice warm cup of coffee or a cold beer depending on what you are in the mood for.

 Verizon Experience at Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field #VZWBuzz #MoreSeattle ad

Alex giving his approval to being inside a warm Touchdown City

Verizon NFL Experience: Verizon Studio Pod in Touchdown City

My favorite feature inside Touchdown City was the Verizon Studio Pod due to its many day game activities and conveniences. It’s a place where where fans are able to charge their devices and learn what Verizon can bring to their football experience.

Verizon Studio Pod - Seattle Seahawks Verizon Experience at Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field #VZWBuzz #MoreSeattle ad

For starters the fact that Verizon makes it possible for fans to charge their phones was amazing to me. We have become so dependent upon our smartphones that the thought of a dead battery can make me feel anxious.For some fans, it’s a chance to keep connected even though they’re tailgating from 6am to game time.  The Verizon Pod allows them to take a little time to get out of the cold and warm up inside while they let their device is charging.

The Centurylink Verizon Studio Pod offered up three separate charging tables with multiple chargers at each table. You may be thinking “what am I suppose to do while I stand their and let my phone charge?” That is where the rest of the great features the Verizon Studio Pod has to offer come in.

There are two TVs in front of the charging tables displaying a couple of the other NFL games going on. Of course the most watched one for Seattlites was the 49ers vs. Saints since the rivalry makes people want to know just how well they are doing in comparison to the Hawks. For those who don’t care to watch the other games you can talk with the Verizon staff and sign up for a free digital autograph from Earl Thomas. You get to pick your picture and input your name and a printable personalized autograph is sent your phone and email.

My personalized Autograph Verizon Experience at Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field #VZWBuzz #MoreSeattle ad

My personalized Autograph

There is also a selfie booth where you get to take a selfie and win a prize. The prizes ranged from Seahawk towels to portable chargers with the Seahawk and Verizon logos. Everyone was guaranteed to win something, but the prizes won were randomly generated. I thought both of these features were great for children and gave them something to do if mom and/or dad were busy paying attention to the other games.

Twelfie - Verizon Experience at Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field #VZWBuzz #MoreSeattle ad

Along with all of these fun interactive features, the Studio Pod offers a little walk through area where you can check out Verizon’s new devices. I thought this was a nice touch because we were allowed to check them out at our leisure. If you do have questions, there were Verizon employees available to answer them for you. I loved the low-pressure approach.

Verizon NFL Mobile – Free with MORE Everything Plan

Verizon makes it easy  for me to keep up on the games and it’s affordable. In fact, NFL Mobile is now included with the MORE Everything Plan which is the plan I have. While I used NFL Mobile last year to keep up with the Seahawks on game days, I learned during my visit to the Verizon Studio Pod  that I had only scratched the surface of what NFL Mobile can do.

For instance, did you know you  can customize it to keep you updated on your favorite teams? I didn’t! I also didn’t know that I can look at the stats of  any team and probably the coolest feature I didn’t realize I had available to me is that it gives me access to the NFL Redzone feature which allows me to watch any NFL game as if I was at home watching it on my TV!  I wish I’d have discovered this feature sooner, I’ve missed quite a few games because of my work schedule and I could have watched them on my smartphone!

I should mention that  if you are within 2-miles of a live game, you won’t be able to access the live game stream. It’s blacked out, though our Verizon tour guide said it’s something they’re working on having lifted, but for me this isn’t a big deal because if I’m at the game, I probably wouldn’t want to be watching it on my phone. Now for those people who live within 2-miles, they may think differently. You can be sure I’ll be exploring this app more and using these features the rest of the season.

 Verizon Experience at Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field #VZWBuzz #MoreSeattle ad

Catching up on the 49ers game while I try and patiently wait for kickoff 🙂

Verizon NFL Experience – What a Day

Overall the experience of getting to attend a NFL game and watch last year’s World Champions win against the Giants was indescribable. We had so much fun and got to watch the Seahawks and CenturyLink field honor Veterans several different times throughout the day including during half time when they presented a couple honored veteran soldiers with the unveiling of the special section being designated to our Military 12th Man.

Seahawks Game Day - Verizon Experience at Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field #VZWBuzz #MoreSeattle ad

Thanks to the Verizon NFL Experience inside of CenturyLink, we got to connect to a free Wi-Fi for Verizon customers and enjoy football Sunday in a very rounded way. Verizon has made it easy and convenient for their customers to get the full experience at CenturyLink field and it’s all free.