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Intel Technology Experience Zones Brings Access to Inspiration at Best Buy @BestBuy #IntelatBestBuy - ad

Best Buy – Shopping Online vs In Person

I am admitted online shopper. There isn’t anything I haven’t purchased online and had shipped to my door – you name it, I’ve done it. But every once in a while I have to make a trip to a physical store because there are some things I can’t do when I shop online – I  can’t touch it, feel it, taste it, or smell it. Oh sure, I  can read what other people say about how it looks, feels, tastes, and smells, and usually that’s enough to help me make my decision, but I’ve been trying to purchase a camera for a few months now and I was at a stalemate.

But that’s not to say I haven’t purchased a laptop from a grocery store (one that’s part of a major online retailer) because they could deliver it at my house in less than 6 hours. I’d like to say I only did it once, but as I recall, the first time it was a desktop computer, the second time a laptop. Is that weird?

I’ll admit these were exceptions and obviously “emergency” purchases, but both of them turned out to be great acquisitions. Maybe it was the lack of impending doom that kept me in a state of perpetual indecision when it came to the camera. I’ve been trying for months to make a decision, but this week I decided enough was enough. I was going to upgrade or stop thinking about it.

I narrowed my choices down to two models, but the more I researched them, the more I couldn’t decide between the two. I finally realized I needed a field trip to help me make my decision.

Best Buy / Intel Technology Experience Zones

So I hopped into my van and headed to my local Best Buy store just a few miles away. What I love about our store is the great parking which gives me easy access to the store and the bright and clean layout once I get inside. I wasn’t there more than two minutes when I was approached by a very friendly and helpful Best Buy employee.

Sadly I didn’t think to get the employee’s name, though I’m sure he was wearing a name tag, but I was laser focused on my task. Well at least I was until I ran into the Best Buy/Intel Technology Experience Zone. It’s a new interactive area of the store that showcases devices and technologies that make use of the power of Intel. It’s designed to be an immersive area where you can explore, play, and even be inspired by the 3D printing, virtual reality games, and hands-on activities. You’re actually ENCOURAGED to TOUCH and play! I love that!

Test Drive Mars Rover Intel Experience - Intel Technology Experience Zones Brings Access to Inspiration at Best Buy @BestBuy #IntelatBestBuy - ad

This Intel Technology Experience is available at 50 stores nationwide so there’s likely one near you too. Make sure you check out the 3D printer robot creations, and play the Mars augmented reality world game. Then take your hand at becoming a digital DJ and remix your own Ne-Yo tracks then play with the latest PCs and tablets all powered by Intel processors.

While you’re at the Intel Technology Experience look for your own friendly Best Buy staff member in a blue shirt. They’re specially trained to help you experience all that the Best Buy/Intel Experience has to offer. He or she will also be able to answer your questions – even if you do drag him over to the camera section with you afterwards to continue the questioning.

Intel Experience 3d Printer - Intel Technology Experience Zones Brings Access to Inspiration at Best Buy @BestBuy #IntelatBestBuy - ad

Best Buy Shopping Experience

Special thanks to my very knowledgeable Best Buy employee who helped me select a new camera. Let me tell you, I didn’t make it easy on him! I grilled him about memory, picture quality, and more and he passed them all. I was impressed with his super helpful attitude and his desire to make sure I got everything I needed – even looking up online the differences between models so I could be sure I was making a purchase I’d be happy with.

Best Buy Intel Experience - Intel Technology Experience Zones Brings Access to Inspiration at Best Buy @BestBuy #IntelatBestBuy - ad

Best Buy – Blue Shirt Experts

My amazing interaction with this Best Buy employee convinced me that taking a trip into the store was worth the drive and time out of my day and that there was more in store for me than just what I thought I was there to check out. I learned a lot about Intel and the technology it powers and I will say, I was impressed! You can be sure the next time I need a new device I’ll be visiting the store again.

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