KESHIMA Must-Have Professional Makeup Brushes - ad

I love great make-up brushes. Why? Because they apply make-up better and faster and they feel better on my skin. But what makes a great brush? As a vegetarian I prefer a synthetic brush or cruelty-free natural animal hair brush. They also have to clean easily, not shred, and be non-irritating. Does it seem like I want to much? Not at all!


KESHIMA™ Must-Have Professional Makeup Brushes

I recently tried out the KESHIMA™ Must-Have Professional Makeup Brushes. They’re a set of  5 brushes that have gone through a 7-step manufacturing process that makes sure they’re durable and shed-free. The set includes and eyeliner brush, powder brush, blending brush, and blush brush; just about every brush you could need for your makeup application.

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KESHIMA Must-Have Professional Makeup Brushes - ad

The set is packed in a 2-piece hardshell case that can be used as a makeup brush holder or as a travel case.

KESHIMA Must-Have Professional Makeup Brushes - ad

 KESHIMA™ Flat Top Kabuki Brush

My daughter-in-law happened to be here when the set arrived and she fell in love with the case and immediately claimed it  as well as 4 of the 5 brushes. I didn’t mind because I also received the KESHIMA™ Flat Top Kabuki Brush which is the most amazing brush I’ve tried.

I use mineral makeup and I’ve used several Kabuki makeup brushes over the last 10 years. Many of them start out soft, but within a few days they get rough and become uncomfortable to use. More importantly, they’re almost always too thin and leave a streaky finish. That’s not the case with this brush.

The KESHIMA™  Flat Top Kabuki Brush is denser and shorter than any other brush I’ve tried and it’s the perfect combination for flawless mineral foundation and blush application. You don’t have to love mineral makeup like me to enjoy it, it works equally well with liquid, cream or powered make-up.

Quality makeup brushes with travel case

KESHIMA™  is so confident about the quality of their brushes that they offer a full 90-days no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee.

Both the KESHIMA™  Flat Top Kabuki Brush and the KESHIMA™  Professional Makeup Brush Set would make great gifts and fabulous stocking stuffers.

KESHIMA Must-Have Professional Makeup Brushes - ad