Hey Deb! Have you started dribbling yet-

Face it. No one wants to think about bladder leakage. It’s a topic that until a few years ago was only whispered about between very close friends or discussed behind the closed door of a doctor’s office. But like so many other bodily functions, it’s part of being a human, so why all the secrecy? Sure, it’s still not something I’m going to bring up at dinner. “Hey Deb, have you started dribbling yet?” will never pass these lips, but it’s OK to ask for info when your body starts changing.

Those changes can happen at any time though they tend to follow a similar pattern. I blame it on Mother Time, you know, Father Time’s wife. She can hit at any stage of life. In fact, bladder leakage can happen to pregnant women or those who’ve just given birth – as if you don’t have enough issues with that region during these time – ack!

But her favorite time to strike is as we age, especially in the peri-menopause and menopausal years. But before assuming it’s just something you need to learn to live with, see your doctor to make sure it’s not caused by another medical condition. Then talk with your doctor about how to handle your leakage. He or she will likely recommend a protective pad or underwear depending on your need. But choosing the right one will likely be up to you.

What you won’t want to do is use the menstrual pads you’ve been using since your teens. They don’t have right type of absorbency you need now and I hope I don’t need to mention that a tampon won’t help your problem, because that would require a basic lesson in anatomy and I don’t have time for that right now. So to help you make the trek through the bladder leakage aisle easier (it’s usually over near the pharmacy surrounded by other product that remind you that getting older can sure suck), I’m going to give you some tips. Like the fact that bladder leakage pads come in different sizes and absorbency. You likely aware of this because by the time you hit menopause you’ve menstruated for about 40 years and you’ve probably used every size from assez petite to couverture d’avant en arrière – a little French always makes it seem less disgusting – that’s from teeny tiny to enough to cover you from front to back. That knowledge will help you choose the right size for your current body configuration (you know, where your upper half becomes part of your lower half).

Always Discreet Bladder Protection

Once you’ve got the size down, it’s time to choose your absorbency. You want enough to tell Mother Time to take a hike, but not so much that you feel like your protection is visible from outer space. You may also need different pads for different activities. Reading a book vs jogging – yea, you’re gonna have to think about that. You may also want to consider purchasing pads that individually wrapped so that when it they fall out of your purse, which will, and at the most inopportune moment, people will assume you’re still within your childbearing years and it’s for blood and not urine – but really, is one better than the other? Ewww….

Always Discreet

Keeping Mother Time at bay and on her toes is easy as visiting your local Target store. They sell a full line of Always Discreet products from liners, to pads, and underwear and they are easy to find. Don’t let the a little bladder leakage stop you from enjoying life. Suck it up buttercup and put on your protection and go out and do something courageous – just be careful, those old bones of yours break easy.

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