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[w8_blockquote icon=”fa-quote-left”]“With Weeva, you work together with family and friends to collect your favorite stories in an online Tapestry; Once collected, you can print your stories in an art-quality book for yourself or someone else.”[/w8_blockquote]

As some of you may recall I began an online tapestry through Weeva in order to create a meaningful and unique anniversary gift for my parents.  The purpose was to give my parents a gift that many of their loved ones could participate in creating while working to be creative- something I am not known for.  When I had the opportunity to build a Weeva book I was excited to know I would be giving my parents a gift that would last forever.

Weeva Stories - Celebrating Milestones

With the help and support of the Weeva community, I am happy to report that new stories are being added each week to the free online, easy-to-use tapestry.  Although many have participated thus far, I am looking forward to seeing additional entries being made so the book can be complete with stories shared from many different people that have celebrated this love.  As each story is added I am quick to want to read about the memories so many have to share about these two people.

Weeva Stores - Catagories

As their daughter, it is easy to see my mom and dad as parents.  Even as an adult I can forget they are people who live their own lives with many other people I do not see often or even know.  As I continue to read through the stories and memories shared by so many loved ones in this tapestry I am more and more excited to learn about their lives outside of being my mom and dad and Paisley’s grandparents.

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What I absolutely love about this book and particularly its use to celebrate an anniversary, is the fact that I can go in and read about events that took place before I was even a thought in my parents minds.  I have laughed out loud as I’ve read about family secrets from their past and then shed tears at the heartfelt recollection of a friendship that has lasted for more than 20 years.  Participating in a public, and yet still private to only those who are invited, setting allows for everyone to share in the laughter and love that two people have shared with so many.   As I read about my parents and their past I become anxious to see what the future holds for their everlasting love story.

Weeva Stories - Passages

My mom hates surprise parties and yet I proceeded to throw one for her and my dad this year to celebrate this special milestone that so many today often do not reach.  Let’s just say the surprise party went about as well as I thought it would.  I hope this unique keepsake will be the gift my parents will truly want to share with each other as they reminisce over the many years of love and happiness they have shared with so many people.

I cannot wait until the stories come to close and the wonderful people at Weeva build this keepsake book for my parents to share.  Stay tuned for a final update on the Weeva creation and I’m curious, who would you create a Weeva for?

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