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Our Veteran heroes BAND-Aids -  BAND-AID Provides an Easy Way to Support Veterans  #RunWithGlory #MC #sponsored

I made the mistake of getting between the two dogs I was dog sitting and the cat that’s been staying with us for over a month. It seems they’d all been in the house for about an hour until they became aware of each other. Upon this revelation, they decided to do what cats and dogs do…..and silly me, I got in the middle of it.

The cat and dogs were fine, but I suffered some gashes on my arm in my effort to save the cat. As I washed and dried my new wound, I reached for a bandage and when I looked at the box, I realized my little wound was nothing compared to what many military personnel have to deal with. It made me think of all the sacrifices they and their families have given over the years.

Bandaid Hereos Bandages -  BAND-AID Provides an Easy Way to Support Veterans  #RunWithGlory #MC #sponsored

The OUR VETERAN HEROES™ BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages made it much easier for me to suck it up and get on with my day because instead of focusing on my injury, I had the chance to think about others. That box of bandages stands for more. It’s a way for anyone to show their support because BAND-AID® Brand will donate 5% of the sale price of each box sold to Team Red, White & Blue. These special patriotic and military-inspired designed bandages are available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid.

A History of Caring

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages have been in homes since WWII when my father was in the Navy, still in his teens, sailing the world and getting in trouble one port at a time. He was proud of his military service and I still have a picture of him and his training group on my living room wall. The faces of those much-too-young men make me so proud. Most of them, like my father, have probably been gone for years, but that photo will be in our family for generations so that no one forgets what others have done for them.

Team Red, White & Blue Anthem

I’m happy to share that BAND-AID® Brand will donate $1.00 for every positive message of support you share on your social channels with the hashtag #RunWithGlory, up to a $25,000 donation to the Team Red, White & Blue Old Glory Coast to Coast Relay. They’re carrying and American flag over 3,800 miles to bring attention to their cause of enriching veterans’ lives by connecting them to their community through social and physical activities. BAND-AID® Brand is the presenting sponsor of the Team and they’ve made it easy for you to help. Visit www.bandaid.com/heroes or send a tweet, snap a photo and share it on Instagram, or make a public Facebook post and tag it #RunWithGlory to count.

Help BAND-AID® Brand Support Our Veterans at Team Red, White & Blue

With Veterans Day this weekend, it’s the perfect time to take a moment to share your appreciation for those who have served and those who are serving now. I know I always think of my dad on this day – who do you have to thank for their service?

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