Elephant rolly poly infant toy


Toddler Toys: TOMY  Tap ‘N’ Tumble Elephant

The Tap ‘N’ Tumble Elephant is an engaging toy from TOMY that moves when tapped on the head.  This adorable elephant rolls forward while giggling and playing a fun tune. It’s a great toy for helping infants and toddler’s discover cause and effect.

Infant Elephant Toy

The toy has two settings – boomerang which sends the elephant rolling away and after a short pause, the elephant reverses and rolls backwards; the second option is forward only and encourages crawling.   The Tap ‘N’ Tumble Elephant works particularly well on hard wood or tile floors, but on carpet it’s slowed down a bit, but it does work.

Rolly Poly Elephant Toy

TOMY Tap ‘n’ Toddle Demo Video

TOMY Tap ‘n Toddle Elephant

SRP: $29.99

Ages: 6 months +

Buy at toy stores nationwide as well as Amazon.com and find more TOMY Toddler Toys on their website.