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Frog Critter Cushion

Adorable Plush Chair for Kids

Each day my daughter is becoming more and more fun to play with. She continues to show me how exciting it is to learn how to be more independent as she reaches new milestones.  From first rolling over to learning how to sit, she never ceases to amaze me how quickly she can learn to control her body.  Although she hasn’t quite mastered crawling in one direction yet, she is awfully proud of her ability to sit up like such a big girl.

In order to support her in learning, I am always trying to give her the opportunity to sit up in child-friendly toys that promote this exciting step in growth.  One toy I had the opportunity to give to Paisley was the Critter Cushion from Newplans.

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The Critter Cushion is a fun plush toy that can be used as décor in a child’s room and is also a fully functioning chair.  This creative and fun chair allows her to sit up on her own while still being close to the ground in case she tumbles over – something every learning baby encounters at some point.

The frog Critter Cushion is adorable and was easy to use from the moment it shipped to my door step.  The cushion can be folded down which gives Paisley something to pull herself up on now and later will give her a place to lay on and practice her balance. Then just life the top and it’s a chair. The Critter Cusshion comes in three sizes to fit children of all ages. The fun designs allows you to choose a style to fit any child’s personality while providing a chair that can be used for any occasion.  I love that the cushion is soft and brightly colored making the individual seat for to enjoy.

Critter Cushion Chairs

Paisley loves sitting in her big girl chair but still needs some supervision as she isn’t quite old enough to sit in it on her own.  The recommended age for this size Critter Cushion is 2-10 years old.  I love that the chair is simple to fold, light to carry, and can be brought anywhere to entertain a young child.  As a teacher, I love the idea of using these chairs to promote reading at home as a family- providing your children with their own unique chair.  I hope to one day have a few of these so I can use them in my classroom when children have the opportunity to read quietly.

Frog Critter Cushion - ad

I am looking forward to watching Paisley continue to grown and become more and more independent.  I can already tell her Critter Cushion will be well-loved.

Critter Cushions can be purchased at Amazon.com, wayfair.com, and Overstock.com.