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Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls

 We’ve been using the balls for almost a month and WE LOVE THEM! Even my very non-green husband agrees they do help the laundry dry faster and he’s given up dryer sheets – something I never thought would happen!  I do occasionally toss in 1/4 of a sheet on very dry days with nylon fabrics just to make sure they’re static-free, but otherwise we use just the balls. I’m sold and we’ll be using these from now on – we no longer hate our new dryer, it actually dries in a reasonable amount of time now!

The dryer refuses to dry any load in under 1-1/2 hours and used dryer sheets are filling up the garbage can. The solution? Original Smart Sheep Premium Wool Dryer Balls. Made from 100% premium New Zealand wool, the balls do not contain any chemicals or synthetic fragrances. These extra-large balls are used in place of dryer softener sheets to soften your laundry naturally.

The number of balls you use depends on the size of the load. Use 3 balls for a small or medium load of clothes and 5-6 for a large load. These 9″ balls will shorten the drying time. Yes, the do sound like tennis balls in the dryer so you won’t want to run them at night, but they’re not tennis balls, they’re wool throughout so they’re natural. They’re especially good for re-fluffing down items like pillows and coats (make sure they’re washable first).

Save money by doing away with drying sheets as well as liquid fabric softeners and speed up the drying time. Works for thousands of loads, it’s the eco-friendly way to dry and soften your clothes.

Tips for using Wool Drying Balls

  • Add scent by adding a few drops of pure essential oil on each ball. Laundry favorites are lavender and lemon.
  • Keep dryer balls away from pets – while they’re not harmful, they may damage them.
  • Static can be caused by over-drying clothes. To reduce the chance, dry for a shorter amount of time,

Purchase these Smart Sheep 6-Pack 100% Premium Wool Dryer Balls (XL, Handmade, Eco-friendly, All-Natural Fabric Softener) at Amazon.com.