CraftyCroc Crafting Products


CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers

The CraftyCroc Chalk Markers let you create vibrant drawings and more with the convenience of liquid chalk. What makes them special is their reversible tips – a fine tip for detailed work and a bold tip when you need a stronger line. They work on traditional chalkboards but also can be used on chalkboard stickers or chalkboard Contact Paper as well as glass, tile, metal, plastic, whiteboards, and most any non-porous surface.

Draw you design, allow it to dry, and enjoy it until you wiped it away. They conform to US and European safety standards for art products.

Creative Liquid Chalk Art Uses & Suggestions:

  • Use them to do window painting for the holidays – clean the window, allow it to dry and then paint your design. Let dry completely and enjoy!!
  • Decorate wine glasses (on the outside or stem and out of the drinking range) or write names (or fun nicknames) instead of wine charms.
  • Label glass jars and store pantry staples.
  • Frame a photo and add fun notes on the glass.

These are not meant to be used over chalkboard paint (you can, but you’ll need to re-coat to remove fully.)

Find out more information at the CraftyCroc website and buy them at Amazon.com . Visit the CraftyCroc Pinterest page for more ideas on how to use these fun markers.

CraftyCroc Chalkboard Labels

The perfect companion to the CraftyCroc Liquid Markers. There are 64, 3-1/2″ x 2″ rectangular adhesive stickers for all your crafting needs. They’re made of high-quality vinyl which can be removed without damaging most surfaces and the matte surface is perfect for both the CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers or regular chalk. It’s a great way to get organized without committing permanent marker, plus they’re cute!

What would you make  or organize with these fun craft products?