“Nothing but net” usually refers to the perfect basket – one where the basketball doesn’t hit the rim; it’s also known as a clean basket. But add an “s” to the end of the phrase and it become a whole different matter – something that can make the different between life and death.
 Nothing But Nets - Donate $10 to Save a Life @nothingbutnets

Nothing But Nets is one of the charities that I personally support every year. For as little as $10, I can provide an insecticide impregnated bed net for a family in Africa.  While Ebola has the nation’s attention right now, Malaria is still a serious concern.

[w8_highlight color=”yellow”]Every 60 seconds, a child in Africa dies from malaria. But insecticide-treated bed nets can keep kids safe >>[/w8_highlight]

Three Things You Can Do to Help Nothing But Nets:

  • Send a Net – For as little as $10, you can help make the difference between life and death. A net can be purchased, delivered, and education provided on its use for a family. Consider purchasing nets instead of White Elephant Gifts or Holiday Gifts this year Send a net >>
  • Join Team Bzzzkill – Rally your friends, family, neighbors, church or scouting group, or little league team to raise funds to send nets.  Start a fundraiser >>
  • Advocate for Nets- Let your member of congress know that fighting malaria is a priority and raise awareness. You can make your voice heard on Capitol Hill and make use of social media. Look up your member of Congress – you can find their website on Senate.gov andHouse.gov – and find your elected officials’ Facebook page link or Twitter handle. Then send a tweet or post on their Facebook page encouraging them to take action in the fight against malaria!

The UN Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN/tax ID number: 58-2368165). Your donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Nothing But Nets is a UN Foundation Campaign.

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Why I Support Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Net rates 98.99 on the Charity Navigator out of 100. That means they’re financially fiscal and are accountable and transparent about where their money goes. Their administrative expenses are at 8.7% which is very low when it comes to charitable causes.

Charity Navigator is a great place to research any charity you’re considering donating to. Know who you’re giving your hard earned cash to before you donate it.

How does your charity check out?