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My Small Dogs - Gracie & Jewel Must Haves for Dogs - Big or Small #BBNshops #ad

I have two small dogs and yes, I spoil them. How can I not, they’re so adorable and give me nothing but love. I know I’m not alone because the dog gift market has exploded over the last few years. Perhaps it’s because baby boomers like me are finding themselves home alone now that the kids have moved out. Or maybe it’s because small dogs are more readily available and affordable. Or maybe it’s just because people are drawn to them. Whatever the reason, it’s fun to indulge in a few new toys, beds, and more when the budget allows.

Must Haves for Dogs – For the Little Dog

  1. No Stuffing Squeaker Toys The latest craze to shake around. Pick the raccoon or the fox and no mess. Make your selection at Petsmart.
  2. Pet Alive Essential Oils Skin, bladder, ears, aggression – oils for all sorts of remedy solutions. Try them out from Abe’s Market.
  3. Dog shaped dog toy A little dog friend, without all the hassles of an actual second dog! What a cute handmade toy from Abe’s Market.
  4. Treats for bad breathThese are great 100% all natural treats to make sure you get sweet doggies kisses. Order them now from Abe’s Market.
  5. FURminator Deshedding ToolWhether long hair or short, there’s a FURminator for the job. Highly recommended by all the animal lovers we know and found at Petsmart.
  6. Angel Wings HarnessMartha Stewart has come up with the perfect harness for your little angel. Wear it year round and find it at Petsmart.
  7. Pet PurseJust like Paris Hilton! Hang that baby over your shoulder, and take the little one everywhere in style. You can pick this up at Walmart.
  8. In Car SkyboxThis is a skybox! Now the little dog can see out the window, while still being safely strapped in. Win, win from Petsmart.
  9. Pet Bike BasketGet your exercise and take them along.Biking is such great exercise and now the little prince or princess can some along! Order this now from Get Organized, in time for your fall rides.
  10. Pet Rolling CaseThis roll-around is amazingly convertible for any need, like those new-fangled strollers. The plane, the car or as a backpack, it is completely versatile, as you would expect from Get Organized.
  11. Dozen Dog TreatsA dozen treats with doggy frosting. As much for you as for them! Order them now at World Market.

Must Haves for Big Dogs

Think I’d leave the big dogs out? No way! We miss our big dog so very much. He’s been gone almost two years now and there’s not a day we don’t think of him or talk about how we miss him. We miss the way he dug up our yard, tracked mud into the house, and loved to be loved. But we had 13 fabulous years with that sweet boy and we couldn’t have loved him more.

Our big dog, Blaze, a beautiful Brittany. He sadly left us in December 2012

So for your big dog, may we suggest the following:

      1. Bandana Collection – Big dogs don’t wear costumes, but they’ll wear bandanas! Get this Super Pack to have one for every occasion at Walmart.
      2. Dog Frisbee – What a great way to spend time with that big dog and tire them out for the evening. This great Zisc can be found at Abe’s Market.
      3. Chew Ball – Better known as the Green Ball. Tough as a Kong, but softer, with a place for peanut butter or treats. Buy it now at Petsmart.
      4. Wooden Dog Feeder – Help them eat and digest, by raising their food bowls, while helping with the decor. From Wayfair.
      5. Spirit Essenses -Essential Oils for pets! This is the Peacemaker Set. Check out all the other selections at Abe’s Market online.
      6. Large Rope Ball – One giant knot of rope. Solves the body’s need to chew and the brain’s need to unravel. Get one now at Petsmart.
      7. Chicken Pot Pie Training Treats -They’ll learn anything for the ultimate treat – Chicken Pot Pie might do the trick! Find them at Abe’s Market.
      8. Large Corner Pet Bed – Fits in the corner, has bolster sides, comes in blue or green. Put that big dog out of the traffic, but with a place to call his/her own. Get Organized carries this unusual bed.
      9. Water Trapper Mat – Winter is coming! Snow, ice and rain mean water, mud and dirt coming in the house on those big paws. These mats are a must to save your sanity if clean floors are a priority and are now carried at Orvis.
      10. Reflective Collar -It’s getting dark earlier and earlier. Make sure everyone sees you both on those winter night walks. Order from Orvis and personalize with name and number.
      11. Folding Crate – Traveling this fall? Take this folding crate so your big dog has their own home wherever you go. Find it at Walmart.

Do we or have we owned most of the products on both lists? Yes. Call me crazy, but my dogs are like my kids and I like to indulged them (and me).

What are your must-haves for your pups?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boombox Network . This post contains affiliate links.