We received a Chuckit! ZIPFLIGHT AND TUMBLE BUMPER to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Chuckit Zipflight and Tumble Bumble vs Our Dogs #Giveaway Ad

My two lovely, but rambunctious, pups got to test out two of the Petmates new Chuckit! LIGHTPLAY dog toys. This new line features toys of high durability, high-visibility, and glow-in-the-dark features.


The Chuckit! Max Glow Tumble Bumper is available in two sizes (medium and large) and retails for under $20. It’s made from EVA foam and polyester with Max Glow 3D print and rubber bumpers that give it an unpredictable bounce that keeps the dog’s guessing where it will land. It’s designed for dogs to pick it up easily from any side.

The Chuckit! Zipflight (previously called the Chuckit! Small Amphibious Ring)is also available in two sizes (small and medium). It floats as well as flies and is soft and comfortable. Both the top and bottom have Max Glow 3D print and it’s designed with a hole in the center for easy grabbing. This soft flyer retails for $613.99 and $18.99

Roo Chuckit Toy Test Trial - Chuckit Zipflight and Tumble Bumble vs Our Dogs #Giveaway Ad

Dog Test: Chuckit Zipflight and Tumble Bumble

So what did Roo and Ellie think about these new toys? They both enjoyed them and have yet to destroy either. Roo was fascinated by the frisbee since he has never played with one before. He had a little bit of trouble figuring out how to run around with it in his mouth. Instead of holding it straight in his mouth, he would flip it up and run around with it covering his eyes. He may not be the smartest dog ever, but he’s a pretty brazen one because he definitely isn’t afraid to run into something.

Chuckit Dog Toy Test - Chuckit Zipflight and Tumble Bumble vs Our Dogs #Giveaway Ad

Ellie actually grabbed one of the toys and tried to give it to grandpa to play with her. Ellie very rarely grabs toys to play with and she will only grab ones that she really enjoys.

Dog Toy Test 0 Chuckit Zipflight and Tumble Bumble vs Our Dogs #Giveaway Ad

As a dog owner who finds herself spending between $30-$50 a month on new toys, I found these toys to be indestructible so they’re great on the budget. Roo can destroy most “tough” toys within an hour, not so with these and because they glow-in-the-dark, we can play with the pups in the backyard at night. Especially during this time of year where it seems like we leave before the sun comes up and we return home after it sets.

Toy Test Complete - Chuckit Zipflight and Tumble Bumble vs Our Dogs #Giveaway Ad

Without something to keep both Ellie and Roo occupied while they’re in the house, our place feels like a chaotic zoo and  like wound-up toddlers, they will not chill out until it is time for bed. It is really nice to be able to let them run it out in the yard, even if it is dark outside. It just takes 10 mins to charge up the toys under a bright light and they last for about 30 minutes.

Leaving the toys out to charge while I’m away at work is sort of like having a crock pot – set it before you leave and dinner is ready when you get home. So simple and easy to use and takes away all of the pre-planning required.

Do you have a dog that destroys toys?

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