I received a sample to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

My husband and I really enjoy wine.  We love sipping a glass or two with a nice dinner year round, but we especially enjoy drinking chilled wine outdoors on our back patio during the warm summer months.  It is fairly normal for us to invite friends over on a Friday or Saturday night to enjoy wine while we catch up with each other and relax after a long week of working.

While I love wine, I am not a “wine snob,” as many people call it, when it comes to the type of wine, how it is prepared, or what type of glass it is served in.  Don’t judge, but I have been known to drink from a plastic cup a time or two, but I try to keep that to camping.  So when I drank my wine chilled it always came from my refrigerator.

Avalon Bay Wine Cooler AB-WINE18S Review ad


Avalon Bay Wine Cooler AB-WINE18S

This summer a friend offered me a glass of Rose wine from a bottle she had purchased in Napa on a recent trip.  I loved the wine, but was just as impressed with the wine cooler she pulled it from.  I had never owned a wine cooler, but I definitely enjoyed the wine chilled to the proper temperature, unlike those stored in my refrigerator which were kept at 38 degrees.

You can imagine how thrilled I was to have the opportunity to try the Avalon Bay 18 bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (AB-WINE18S) from air-n-water.com just a few months later.  This particular model comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 bottles to 27 bottles.

Avalon Bay Wine Cooler AB-WINE18S Review from air-n-water.com - ad

The cooler can be set anywhere between 51 and 64 degrees using the digital temperature display.  The cooler also features a light that can be turned on or off using the simple touch of a button. Each of the shelves is removable so you can fit an assortment of beverages of differing sizes if you need more space.

We ordered the wine cooler from the air-n-water website and it was delivered directly to our doorstep a few days later. The only installation needed was assembling the handle using the provided hardware.  The cooler weights only 30lbs so it was easy to bring inside and place in our kitchen.

This wine cooler retails for $159.99. The unit runs almost silently and keeps its temperature beautifully. Its dimensions are L: 19.75″ x W: 13.63″ x H: 25.13″ and it fits easily underneath our counter.

This wine cooler has already been put to good use during our most recent gatherings.  We are looking forward to the holiday season as we host family and friends for gatherings to be able to share with them chilled wine at just the right temperature.  I cannot wait to test out the wine cooler with a bottle of champagne to start off the New Year in just a few short months!

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