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Protein keeps him fueled so he can go about his day  - Protein Keeps Him Fueled For His Busy Day #BringHillshireHome sponsored

My husband is amazing. He does so much for me, our home, our kids and more and that keeps him going from the moment he starts his day until he goes to bed. He’s not one to sit down for many meals and it’s hard to get him to commit to a dinnertime, but breakfast is the one time I can be sure he’ll take a few minutes out of his day to eat a good meal.

Unfortunately, he starts his day at 5:30 am on most days. That’s not a time that my brain functions very well so the thought of cooking can sometimes be overwhelming. I do some freezer cooking that allows him to pull breakfast from the freezer to heat and eat on his own, but with my schedule the freezer sometimes goes empty for a few weeks before I have time to fill it again.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl Taste Test - Protein Keeps Him Fueled For His Busy Day #BringHillshireHome sponsored

For those times when I’m too tired to cook and I haven’t planned ahead, I like to keep frozen meals in the freezer for him to enjoy. Since calories are not an issue for him, I rarely consider the calorie count, but I do look at the amount of protein.

I recently picked up a few Jimmy Dean frozen breakfasts for him to try out from our local Safeway grocery store. One was lower in calories and made with egg whites and turkey sausage, the other bacon and eggs. I love that there’s a variety of meals available so he can have a great variety of ingredients and never grow tired of the same breakfast.

My husband is one who needs protein at every meal and although he eats a large salad every day, he prefers what I call the junk food of salads – iceberg lettuce, carrots, and Ranch dressing. He’s not so good about eating vegetables outside of his comfort zone and he rarely adds fruit to his diet. I take try to sneak a few more servings of both into breakfast because he’ll generally eat whatever I put in front of him.

Breakfast in Five Minutes - Protein Keeps Him Fueled For His Busy Day #BringHillshireHome sponsored

Today I added baby spinach and diced tomatoes to his Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl with a side of sliced orange and he loved it. I cooked it according to package directions for 2 minutes and when it was time to remove the plastic, I stirred in the baby spinach and cooked for 1-1/2 minutes more. Then I served it topped with the chopped tomatoes (though you can add them with the spinach if you like them hot). If I was serving this to my son, I would have added Pico de Gallo and hot sauce instead – he likes it spicy. Combining the Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl with fresh ingredients makes creating a hot breakfast in under 4 minutes possible.

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Jimmy Deen Breakfast Bowl

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Jimmy Deen Breakfast Bowl - Protein Keeps Him Fueled For His Busy Day #BringHillshireHome sponsored

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