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Bathtime Naturally: Baby Mantra Products #BabyMantra #MC #Sponsored

Bath time with my 6 month old is one of my favorite times each day (or every other day depending on what she gives me to work with.)  It is a time when my husband and I tag-team the little angel as she squirms and wiggles her way out of her bath tub, or tries to.  We laugh together as she giggles and splashes the water, or completes her latest trick and tosses her pink rubber ducky out of the tub.  It is a time when we can all be together and enjoy the ever-changing, fast-moving moments we fear she will out-grow too quickly.  Aside from the memories we share during these sacred opportunities, it is a time when I do my best to provide my daughter with the opportunity for healthy skin.  As her mother, I suffer with sensitive skin so providing all-natural care is something I strive for daily.


Baby Mantra: Natural and Organic Bath Products for Children

I was excited to learn about Baby Mantra and their certified natural, cruelty-free and gluten-free skincare line made in the U.S. that proves environmentally-conscious from ingredients to packaging.  The Baby Mantra product line includes a Newborn Shampoo & Wash, 3-in-1 Bubble Bath, Shampoo + Wash, Calming Lotion, Calming Massage Oil and Detangling Conditioner that were inspired by all-natural home-based remedies. Their products are PETA certified with no harmful toxins, artificial preservatives, dyes, chemicals or fragrances.

Baby Mantry Bath Products #BabyMantra, #sponsored, and #MC

I was excited to check out the variety of products for a multitude of occasions that will fit my daughter’s needs for many years to come.  For example, the detangling conditioner will be perfect when she overcomes her baldness, and the 3-in-1 bubble bath, shampoo + wash will be so fun as she gets older and can play with the bubbles.

Sticking with our traditional routine during bath time, I started by bathing her head-to-toe with the newborn shampoo + body wash, with the occasional break to let her drench the bathroom floor in soapy water and squeal as she kindly sets her rubber ducky out of the tub while mom and dad repeatedly put it back in – I think she has us trained.  After she is all wrinkled up, we put on her pink bathrobe and move to her changing table where I quickly put on a diaper and take out the lotion to give her the ever-important “leg massage,” followed by pajama time.  I was very excited to try the calming lotion as I love the feel of her soft skin after being moisturized.

During my first experience with the product I was excited to smell the fresh scent of lavender in the calming lotion- a scent I have grown to love in my adult years.  Each of the products has a unique scent- including coconut and lavender oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and shea butter (all ingredients are organic and NPA certified).  The products never leave the skin feeling greasy or slimy.  The calming massage oil is wonderful for using not only on the skin but also on the babies scalp to nourish from the inside out-something I am always hoping to improve for my daughter and her sensitive skin.

I have enjoyed trying each of the products and look forward to continued use to see how such natural products can provide my baby girl, and hopefully future children, with a safe and fun bath time experience where I do not have to wonder what chemicals are coming into contact with her precious skin.

 #BabyMantra #sponsored #MC

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Baby Mantra products are available at select  Walgreens & Duane Reade store nationwide and online at BabiesRUs.com and Amazon.com

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