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Grandma's Granddog Treat Basket  - ad

Grandma’s Granddog Treat Basket – ad

I admit it. I spoil my dogs.  Not just because they’re adorable and deserve it, but also because feeding them well has kept them healthy and happy, until now.  My older Pomeranian is experiencing health issues for the first time in her life. At almost 10 years old, prior to this she’s only been to the vet for shots and routine check-ups.

Sure, her illness was likely caused by her inability to stop requesting treats, and our failure to say no to her.  But at least I know that her treats are good quality and not what caused her illness, it’s the abundance of them that she enjoys, and the extra weight she’s put on because of them.

Jewel - I and love and you Free Range Bully Stix Dog Treats - ad

Jewel – I and love and you Free Range Bully Stix Dog Treats – ad

Even with her illness, treats are still here to stay. But we’ve been better at monitoring how many she has.  We recently had a chance to try I and love and you dog treats with her and I’ll have to say that my very picky eater enjoyed several of the varieties they have to offer.

True to Jewel though, she wouldn’t eat them all and held out for her favorites. But that’s OK, because her Maltese little sister and my two grand-pups were thrilled to get the chance to enjoy her leftovers and trust me, they had no complaints at all!

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But the great dog treat company with the weird name offers more. They have a full line of grain free, high protein, quality dog food as well.  Their dog food kibble includes probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes to support your pup’s digestive tract. Unfortunately, Jewel is on a low-protein diet right now because of her medical condition so we weren’t able to try the food, though we would have like to.

I’m confident a healthy dog will do great on it and when we get Jewel back to that place we will likely give it a try. Mostly because of the great nutrition, but also because it’s readily available! Yes, this quality food is in local grocery stores now! Stores like Kroger, Fred Meyer, QFC, Whole Foods, Unleashed by PetCo, and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (You can find a retailer by you by visiting

Being able to finally find great dog food and treats in the grocery store is a huge plus and I’m thankful that I and love and you has entered that market. No more trips to the pet store for quality food are required!

Gracie- I and love and you Dog Treats - ad

Gracie- I and love and you Dog Treats – ad

Find out more on the I and love and you website. You’ll also find more information on pet nutrition, their dry kibble, free range bully stix, and how to switch your dog’s food without causing digestive issues.

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