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Five months ago, my life forever changed.  After four long and challenging years of trying to start a family I found out I was pregnant.  It was Father’s day weekend when I started to suspect something was different.  Two days later I finally realized that I might be pregnant and decided to test the ‘waters’ to see if I was right. An incredible surprise to both me and my husband, that little stick showed two pink lines. Yup, my life forever changed that day.

PinkBlush Maternity Navy Blue Button Sash Maternity Dress - ad

PinkBlush Maternity Navy Blue Button Sash Maternity Dress

I was hesitant the first few months to say anything to anyone.  I had previously had an ectopic pregnancy and was fearful that something could happen to this pregnancy so I opted to hide what was going on for as long as I could.  After previously having weight loss surgery I went from a size 18-20 to a size 10 and I loved my new wardrobe.  Now this new wardrobe was fitting tighter and tighter and as my baby grew my tolerance for my clothing did not.  I soon began to feel frumpy, fat and bleh which is hard enough on a normal day but add the hormones of pregnancy and man-o-man it’s a recipe for hoodies and sweatpants, both which are incredibly comfortable yet not appropriate to wear everywhere.


I noticed I might have a problem when I got caught wearing flip flops and yoga pants to work one day.  It was one of my low points in my pregnancy, but one that forever changed my perspective; I needed to get my ‘groove’ back and fast. Like any first time pregnant woman, I took to the internet and began looking at options for cute and reasonably priced maternity clothes.  I had never explored this part of any store before and I had no idea where I could find clothes that would be comfortable and cute without breaking my bank.

PinkBlush Maternity: Stylish Mother-to-Be Clothes

Having found BabyCenter, an online forum for pregnant women, I signed up and found a thread on maternity clothes.  I read a few reviews from mom’s-to-be and heard about this website PinkBlush.  I poured through the website and instantly found a site full of cute and modern maternity clothes that were so different from my hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants; I was beyond interested in what I was finding.  A few days later I received an offer from PinkBlush Maternity through our blog to try out their maternity clothes.  I looked at this as a sign from above that it was officially time to break out of my size 10’s and bust into the world of maternity wear.

I went back to my list of dream items from PinkBlush and picked out two adorable outfits. The first one I chose was a dress, I don’t wear a ton of dresses in my everyday life but I wanted something that could grow with me over the next few months. The PinkBlush Navy Blue Button Sash Maternity Dress has a tie waist to accommodate the ever growing bump ,as well as a button top for breast feeding after the baby is born.

PinkBlush Maternity Navy Blue Rust Chevron Maternity Tunic- ad

PinkBlush Maternity Navy Blue Rust Chevron Maternity Tunic-

The second outfit I chose was a fun top that could be worn with everything from jeans to shorts to leggings.  I chose the summer version of the PinkBlush Navy Blue Rust Chevron Maternity Tunic. Both outfits are amazingly comfortable and pieces that I will continue to wear the next four months.

Having resolved to dress better, I have started to build on my new wardrobe and added a few more pieces.  I can honestly say that the outfits I got from PinkBlush are my favorites and ones that I wear often.  As my bump grows I get more and more excited about showing it off with style and comfort… and without the sweatpants!

What’s your go-to maternity style?

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