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Homework Help Finding Quality Educational Resources Online - Verizon Educational App #VZEducation ad

I worked in the IT department of a very large school district here in Washington State for a  year. One of my jobs was to locate credible homework help educational resources for our teachers, parents, and students. Thankfully, I loved doing online research, but for most people it’s much too time and labor intensive. That’s because there are millions of sites that claim to provide quality education resources that do far from that. Some are link farms making money off of unsuspecting visitors who visit and click on their links, some are well-intended but not very well fact-checked or updated, and others are slanted to meet the content creator’s agenda.

Finding Educational Resources Online – It’s Not as Easy as You Think

My job was to not only find great homework help resources, but to investigate them thoroughly, test them for any malware and virus threats, and then put them through a small usability test I created to make sure the site was user-friendly and age appropriate. Once a site passed all my challenges, it was added to the approved list of homework resources. This list was monitored and updated regularly to make sure any homework help site we recommended was truly kid-safe, family-friendly, and provided accurate information in a way that we thought would benefit our student’s learning.

Finding Educational Resources Online – Vetted Sites Make it Easier

What I learned from my time in this position is that it took a lot of time and effort to keep up a list of qualified homework help sites manually and many districts have had to drop the service because they don’t have the manpower available to maintain them. That’s left lots of parent and students on their own to navigate the vast Internet.

But there are ways to make the process easier.  Verizon Wireless, with their Verzion Education Tools app, is one such way. They’ve hired experts in the education field who have gone out and selected the best homework help and educational resources. These experts “grade” the resources and Verizon organizes those recommendations by grade and subject. Now finding the perfect video, lecture, or webpage to help your student with her homework can be done quickly and painlessly and save you hours of surfing on your own.

Plus, in addition to educational apps, Verizon Educational Tools customers receive bonus educational content and offers frome ScholasticBrainPOP,Copia,, and TinyTap (Verizon’s 2013 Powerful Answers Award Winner).

Homework Help for Pennies a Day

The Verizon Educational Tools app is available for $2  a month. It runs on both Android and iOS  tablets and smartphones and there’s an online version as well. Developed in partnership with Appolicious, data usage will apply for app download and use.

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