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You know what they say about getting right back on a horse after a fall? Well my “horse” is the gym, and it’s been 25 years since I fell off. But this year, I’m getting back on and trying it again.

The last time I went to the gym I worked full time and I had two small children, ages 2 and 4. I’d pick them up from daycare and drive through the nearest fast food restaurant, and then down to a women’s-only gym where they’d spend another hour and a half in someone else’s care.


While I liked working out, I didn’t like that we rarely got home before 8 and there was barely enough time to put the kids to bed and it was time to start it all again. Plus eating fast food seemed to defeat the purpose.

Sure, when the kids got older I thought I’d start back and I did walk on my lunch hour as much as possible, but going back to work with sweaty hair was not something I could do often. When the kids started Elementary school, our nights were filled with Scout meetings and soccer games, so I put off going back to the gym until the kids were in Middle School.

But Middle School wasn’t any easier. Now it was football, band practice, and play rehearsals. By now I rarely got away from my desk, even at lunch time and the pounds started piling on.

In High School I thought since both boys were drivers I’d have more free time. But there were still countless play performances and second jobs for both my husband and I to fund their activities.

It seemed like with my work schedule and the kids activities, it would be after they moved out before I’d make time to go back to the gym. It was my choice to put them first for all those years and it’s a choice I don’t regret in the slightest.

But then I got ill and couldn’t work, let alone work out. I didn’t know at the time, but this was my new life. Now heat intolerant, working out will be more difficult, but not impossible. I started looking at local fitness centers and decided that they weren’t for me. The ones in my neighborhood are for the hard-core fitness buffs and while I don’t care what someone thinks about me, I would rather not deal people rushing me off machines. I decided to buy a treadmill and just workout at home rather than deal with the gym.

Planet Fitness – Fitness for Everyone in a Judgement Free Zone

But a chance to try out Planet Fitness became available. They’re a low-cost health club for people like me who want to exercise at their own pace with plenty of cardio and strength equipment; but no classes, hot tub, or pool – the things I never would have used.

Planet Fitness Virtual Tour

They offer fully equipped locker rooms with showers and day lockers, flat screen televisions, and my club has a 30-minute express circuit, a 12-minute ab circuit. unlimited tanning, and massage chairs to enjoy after a workout.

Planet Fitness 30-Minute Circuit

Planet Fitness provides new equipment and unlimited fitness instruction in a Judgment Free Zone so that anyone, including me, can walk in and feel at home.

Planet Fitness Special Promotion

Join me in starting the road back to fitness at your own pace during the month of October and do it for even less! Until October 10, join any Planet Fitness Club for just $10 down and then $10 a month with no commitment!

I start my new journey next week. I’ll be trying out their Black Pass which allows me to bring a friend with me. I’m hoping I can talk my very fit husband who hates the atmosphere at the gym into coming with me so I can show him that the Planet Fitness Health Club is different.

Planet Fitness Black Card Benefits

I’ll let you know how my experience with Planet Fitness is. Are you a member?

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