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Unique Anniversary Gifts: Weeva Books #weevastoryteller #ad

I am a horrible gift-giver.  I lack creativity and uniqueness and most years my friends and family receive gifts similar to what they received from me the year prior.  I can often theme a gift around the time of year- for example, giving my mom a soft blanket, new fuzzy slippers, and bottle of wine for Christmas.  But as their 30th wedding anniversary approached, I quickly drew a blank. Where would I be able to find unique anniversary gifts?  What do you give your parents for such an important occasion?  Something that signifies the accomplishment of being married for so long? It’s a landmark event and I wanted something that would feel just as special.

Unique Anniversary Gifts: Weeva

It doesn’t help that my mother is a gift-giver expert. She always puts an amazing amount of thought into giving someone a gift they’ll love and one they didn’t even realize they wanted.  I had to find something creative, but with a six month old baby, I needed it to be fast and easy as well. That’s when I got the opportunity to create a Weeva book. It’s a book that’s created by all of their family and friends so it’s a gift from everyone through collaboration and love and it’s something so sentimental that my parents will treasure it.

With Weeva, you work together with family and friends to collect your favorite stories in an online Tapestry; once collected, you can print your stories in an art-quality book for yourself or someone else.

Weeva Books are created through the collaboration of  friends and family you’ve invited who add their stories and memories.  The content that is shared is private and can only be accessed by those who were invited to participate in the creation.  The Weeva online tools make it easy to create a memory or upload a photo with captions. In fact, users as young as 3 and as old as 85 have successfully used the site.

Personalized Memory Book -  Unique Anniversary Gifts: Weeva Books #weevastoryteller #ad

Anyone can create and share a Weeva book for free; however, there is a fee to print the gorgeous, but still affordable books. But what I really love about Weeva Books is that you don’t have to worry about designing or formatting the book. Weeva does that all for you and that leaves plenty of time for the fun part – sharing and remembering all the memories that have led up to this event.

Unique Anniversary Gifts: Weeva Books #weevastoryteller #ad

Weeva Storyteller AmbassadorAs a Weeva Storyteller Ambassador, I’ll be going through the entire creative process and I’ll be sharing it with you. Watch for updates and when it’s complete, I’ll share the final project with you. I’m so excited about creating a special wedding anniversary for my amazing parents. It’s the least I could do considering I wouldn’t be here without them.

Still not sure what Weeva Books is all about? Check out this public tapestry they put together for Leonard Cohen. Weeva creates a few Public Tapestries to share. In this example, they created a public tapestry for  a public figure on his 80th birthday. It gives fans a place to leave very personal memories and birthday wishes. Think you don’t know who Leonard Cohen is? I bet you love one of his best selling songs as much as I do – “Hallelujah” – I can’t listen to it without crying and while it’s been covered by many, his is still the best version.

Public Weeva for Leonard Cohen - Unique Anniversary Gifts: Weeva Books #weevastoryteller #ad

You can also connect and learn more on Weeva’s webpage.  You can find them on their social media pages on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

What special event would you create a Weeva Books for? Wedding? Birthday? New Baby? I’d love to hear about it!