Hannah Higgins has a message for anyone going through cancer treatment. She’s five years old, though it’s hard to tell from her video because she’s so knowledgeable about the subject. But what makes her an expert? Hannah has cancer.

This sweet little girl has bilateral Wilms tumor, aka kidney cancer. She was diagnosed in February 2014 and since then has undergone 6 months of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery at Rady Childrens Hospital in San Diego. But I’ll let Hannah tell you her story via her video.

Hanna Higgins – What She’s Learned About Cance at Age Five

After watching Hannah’s video few times I couldn’t stop thinking about this little girl in the pink pajamas who loves “Frozen,” butterflies, and hairbrushes with microphones painted on them. All things most five year old girls enjoy. But she also knows why chemotherapy made her hair fall out and where her cancer is located. She can point to the four areas of surgery and with a passing moment of remembrance tell you it’s no fun.

Who knew that a five year old could be so wise about such a hideous disease. Hannah’s family shared online that this little cancer warrior has several more months of treatment and will continue her hospital visits into the foreseeable future, but you sure can’t tell it in the upbeat spirit of this little spokesperson.

5 year old Hanna's Cancer Commerial - Hannah Higgins has a message about cancer

Hannah wants to be in the news and on TV to share her cancer “commercial.” This little girl wants to share her story so that other kids will know what to expect when it comes to cancer treatment. It’s my pleasure to help her with her mission by posting her video here, but I hope you’ll click through to YouTube and leave her a little message there of support. She’d love to know you think she’s brave, I know I do.

Here’s hoping she and her family find love and support through the sharing of her video and that they have a healthy and cancer-free daughter soon. I can only imagine what this special little girl has in store for her future. The options will be limitless once she tackles this.

“Caner is no fun…” – Hannah, Age 5

Hanna Higgins –  How You Can Support Her Cancer Fight

The family asks that if you’d like to support Hannah in her cancer fight that you donate to one of their favorite pediatric cancer research organizations:  Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation or  St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Joshua Higgins wrote that “Both of these organizations are very research focused, an area that is vastly underfunded for childhood cancer.”

Or you can sign up to support Hannah and her family at the 8th Annual Rady Children’s Hospital Shamu & You Family Walk at SeaWorld. You can make a donation to support her team. You’ll recognize them on the day of the walk as they’ll be wearing butterfly wings.  The family noted on their walk page that they’re doing this in appreciation of the excellent care Hannah has received at the hospital.

I’ve made a donation and hope you will join me and please share Hannah’s video – let’s help her get on TV and in the newspapers. 🙂

Sending love, light, and virtual hugs to Hannah and her family.


Photo Credit: YouTube Video