Kraft Foods Cheese products have had a place in our home for the last 30+ years. When the kids were young, Kraft String Cheese was a regular part of their lunches and we kept them on hand as an easy and nutritious snack.

We also served the boys Kraft Cheddar Cheese cut into fun shapes with crackers, apples, pears, and more. It always made for a nice break from regular sandwiches like PB&J and it encouraged them to play with their food and that meant they’d try a greater variety and they weren’t overwhelmed by a large volume of the new food. We loved that they were getting a variety of food so that we knew they were getting all the nutrients their growing bodies needed.

While the boys have grown and gone out on their own, you’ll still find Kraft Cheese products in our cheese drawer. In fact, we have several packages that are earmarked for the dogs as well as us. Yes, we’ve become THOSE people who treat their dogs like children and we’ve been known to spoil them just a bit.

We’ve Gone to the Dogs

Our dog’s treat of choice is easy – cheese. Sure, they have several other favorites (steak is one), but for the most part cheese comes first because it’s something that’s always in the fridge, takes no preparation time, and they love it. Right now we’re feeding them Kraft Shredded Cheddar Cheese because it makes giving our senior dog her medication so easy. I place a little shredded cheese in the palm of my hand and her pill in the middle. Then I squish the cheese to enclose the pill. The warmth of my hand gets it to meld together in under a minute and she takes her pill gleefully. When she’s not taking meds, we buy a block of cheddar and the girls will do their tricks for a tidbit of cheese.

His, Hers, and Ours – Hands Off My Cheese!

We also have several different cheese to meet our dietary needs. For me it’s Kraft Natural Swiss Cheese, Kraft Cream Cheese, or Kraft Grated Parmesan because they’re all vegetarian-friendly (source:​).

My non-vegetarian husband loves to snitch mine, but he also regularly selects Colby Jack and Cheddar.

I’ll Never Grow Up

We still love cheese with fruit or cheese and crackers, though we don’t cut them into fun shapes any longer. You can be sure that when I have the pleasure of entertaining my great nieces or future grandchildren, I’ll be pulling out my old cookie cutters and making their lunch or snack time fun, just like I did for my boys.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kraft. The opinions and text are all mine.