The Optimum Wellness Plan and information have been provided by Banfield Pet Hospital®; all opinions are my own.

My Pomeranian - 8 weeks 1 pound

My Pomeranian, Jewel, brings me so much joy. She’s neurotic and goofy and has some of the craziest mannerisms and habits, but I wouldn’t change a thing about her. She’s been my constant companion and office mate since she was a tiny pup.


Jewel’s been a Banfield pup since her first checkup and shots. She and all of her furry siblings, have been covered by a Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan the majority of their lives.  We made the mistake of letting her coverage lapse when our Brittany, Blaze, developed bladder cancer two years ago and we chose to take him to Vet closer to home.

My Senior Pomeranian and Brittany

When he passed, I struggled with what to do with my girls – move them to the new vet or go back to Banfield. I kept putting off the decision thinking I had time, but my sweet Pomeranian started experiencing some changes in her daily habits that I originally put down to aging, but when her plan was reinstated, I took advantage of the free office visits and took her in for a check-up.

My Pomeranian and Maltese

Jewel’s Banfield Pet Hospital Visit

I’d originally planned on getting Jewel her booster shots and heartworm medication at her visit because I was fairly certain she was fine. But within a few minutes of chatting with her new Vet to determine where Jewel was health-wise, he suggested that her symptoms were more likely caused by an infection and bladder stones, rather than old age.
Jewel meets her new Banfield Vet

Her new Vet carefully went over the choices for diagnostic testing to confirm his suspicious, as well as what treatment options were available without the tests. I was never pressured into approving tests and I was given pricing information so that I could make a decision that best fit our family.

Instead of getting her routine shots, Jewel ended up receiving a bladder scan as well as an urinalyses. Jewel’s Doctor invited me back to see her scans which clearly showed she was suffering from bladder stones and he described what he found in her urine and what he expected the urinalyses to show.

Jewels Bladder Scan

With this information we determined that it was best to put her on a course of antibiotics and low-protein prescription food (all treatments I verified once I got home and could do an Internet search) for two weeks.

Jewel did great on the antibiotics but it was clear that when the course of meds were complete, and 14 days had passed since she completed the meds, that the UTI hadn’t been cleared completely. In our follow-up visit her Vet did another bladder scan at my request and found that the stone sediment had decreased. He also followed up the next day to let me know her urinalysis showed the UTI was still present. He put her on a 3-week course of antibiotics and then we’ll do another scan that will tell us if this is successful or if we’ll have to decide on surgery.

Banfield Check Up Appt after Meds

What I loved about the entire process is that her new Doctor took into consideration her age, weight, and current health before administering any vaccinations. In the end, we’ve held off on them while her body has a chance to fight the infection. He’s worked with me to take the least invasive route to healing her and he understands that at her age, we aren’t going to do surgery that may harm her more than help her. We know that she’s at the top of her expected age range and until now she’s been extremely healthy. In fact, this is the first time she’s been on meds in her life. I think a lot of that can be attributed to her wellness care from Banfield over the last 11 years.

Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan®:

The reason we’ve been a part of the Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan for all of these years are the services they offer. As part of the plan, Heartworm testing can be done during a routine office visit and office visits are always free through Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plan®. This gives me the freedom to take her in to see her Vet knowing that I won’t be charged for the visit. Banfield provides this service because they believe in preventive care and that’s why they provide unlimited free office visits. They also offer customization to the plans for your specific breed and they combine services and discounts to offer affordable vet care.

Making an appointment is easy. I can request a Banfield Pet Hospital appointment online or give them a call, even after hours. Once I’ve made the appointment, they send out reminders via email and by phone if I request it. The staff at the Renton Landing location are friendly and I love that we can request a specific vet. They have always made us feel warm and welcome and I love that they follow up the day after an appointment by telephone to check on Jewel and see how she’s doing.

Heartworm Disease: Prevention and Testing

When she’s ready, Jewel will be protected against Heartworm disease. It’s a series and potentially fatal parasitic infection that can be contracted from a single bite from an infected mosquito. We’re fortunate that mosquitoes are not an issue where we live and Jewel spends 99.9% of the time indoors with me, so it’s not a pressing need for her, though that’s not the case for all dogs.

Banfield Pet Hospital – Protect your Cat or Dog from Heartworm Disease

It’s much less expensive and painful to protect your dog rather than try to treat it after infection. You can check to see how prevalent heartworm is in your using this interactive map from Banfield Pet Hospital’s State of Pet Health™ 2014 Report.  Banfield Pet Hospital recommends that your dog be tested annually and given year-round preventative medicine for Heartworm. They offer ProHeart® 6 which is an injectable preventative  after testing.

Protect your pet for $10 off a 6-month injectable heartworm preventative by using this link to print a coupon. You can connect with Banfield Pet Hospital on Twitter or Facebook or find out more about the Wellness Program and Heartworm Prevention on their website.

Working as a Team To Get Jewel Healthy

My sweet senior mini Pomeranian

Jewel and I both adore her new Banfield Vet and I feel confident that by working together, we can get her well. I know she won’t be with me for many more years and I dread the day I have to say good-bye to her. Until then I’m just loving every single minute I have with her.

Is your pup a Banfield pup? Is she protected from Heartworm?