Those As-Seen-On-TV products. If you’re like me, you’ve seen the infomercials and wondered if they were worth purchasing. I know I do and most of the time I am able to pass them up, but there are a few I just had to try. The folks who make the Spicy Shelf™,  a stackable organizer,  recently asked me to try out their product and since it’s one I’ve been very curious about, I agreed to immediately.

Spicy Shelf Stackable Organizer - Cabinet Makeover  - Before - ad

 Spicy Shelf Stackable Organizer – Cabinet Organiztion

What I received was a box in the mail of plastic parts and some instructions on how to put together the shelves in several configurations. My 1970’s cabinets are evidently not standard so oneshelf wouldn’t fit across the entire width. But because Spice Shelf comes in a 2-pack, I was able to set up a second shelf to fill the space.

Putting together the shelves was easy and no tools are required. I did make a few mistakes and had to reconfigure the shelves when I didn’t realize that I had made the original shelf not only too wide, but also too tall. That was easy to fix by swamping out the legs from the tall option to the short option. Installation was easy because you can use them as free standing shelves or use them with existing shelf adjusters in your cupboard.

Spicy Shelf Stackable Organizer - Cabinet Makeover  - During - ad

I did a complete makeover on my spice cupboard by removing everything, cleaning it out, lining it with new gray shelf paper thus displacing the 1983 goose shelf paper I installed when we moved in. I also had to remove some of the spice holders on the door which were bumping into the new shelves and I reused the spice organizers I was using to contain the oils, vinegar, a packaged season products on the upper shelves. I alphabetized my spices because the way the shelves are configured it’s hard to see all of the labels, but being alphabetized, I have an idea of where to look for the spice I need.

Spicy Shelf Stackable Organizer - Cabinet Makeover  - After - ad

Does the Spicy Shelf work? It’s very adjustable, easy to swap out pieces and change configurations, and held the spice jars easily. In a larger cupboard they’d work better. They can also be used in a craft room for paints and art supplies, in the bathroom for makeup and toiletries, or at the office for office supplies.

The Spicy Shelf™ stackable organizer can be purchased at Enjoy $5 off your order by using promo code SPICE5 at checkout for a limited time.