Number of kids killed not in car seats

Parents want to do the right thing by protecting their child in a car seat, but sadly, they’re not always installed correctly or they’re not sized properly. My husband is a fire fighter and he’s asked quite often how to install a seat correctly, the problem is, there are so many seats there’s just no way for him to know.

Why is it so important to know more about your child’s car seat?  Because car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages  1 to 13 and car seats make a difference. Using a car seat properly can reduce the likelihood of death by vehicular accident for infants by 71% and a toddler by 54%. That’s why it’s crucial to have a car seat properly installed and a seat that fits a child’s age and size.

Register Your Car SeatIt’s also important to register your car seat so that you can be notified by the manufacturer in the event of a safety recall. Registering a car seat is just one part of keeping children safe on the road.

Join the NHSTA on September 17 on Twitter to chat about #therightseat

The National Highway Traffic and Safety  Administration (NHTSA) is sharing important information about car seats and keeping children safe on the road in a twitter party on September 17. They’re hosting a Twitter chat on Wednesday, September 17, starting at 3pm ET where they’ll be sharing life-saving tips about car seats, including how to find the right car seat for your child’s age and size and how to register a car seat.

Child Passenger Safety Week

During Child Passenger Safety Week, you’ll find certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians available in many communities to provide free, hands-on, car seat education and inspections.

How to Find the Right Car Seat

Free SaferCar App Can Help Keep Your Family Safe

This free app gives you instant access to key safety info to help you make informed decisions for your family.

SaferCar App Features:

  • Help with car seats: Provides driving directions to the nearest child-seat inspection station where you can get assistance in properly installing car seats and boosters.
  • Information for buying a car:  5-Star Safety ratings and comparisons to  different care makes and models before you decide to buy.
  • Stay connected: Notifications of safety issues related to your vehicles. Use the app to register your auto and you’ll get notifications if safety issues are discovered. The SaferCar app also makes it simple to submit complaints to NHTSA regarding possible safety problems with your car.
  • Safety Headlines and Alerts:  Get important news and information from NHTSA, plus recall notices and push notices on your registered vehicles.

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