I have always loved to read. While other kids would stay up past their bedtimes secretly playing with their toys, I would pull out my flashlight and book from underneath my pillow and read until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer. In fact I still do that except now I use a book light, and I don’t have to do it in secret.

I always get connected to the characters and story of the book I’m reading and am often disappointed with a book ends. I find myself in a book slump and to fix it, I pick up another book in the same genre to fill a void left from the last. I decided that I wanted to venture outside of my regular reading comfort zone and found a great option on BookRiot.com that would allow me to do just that.

Book Riot Box #4 (#BKR04)

BookRiot.com is a website dedicated to the avid reader. They have a ton of information on books, features like the Book Riot Podcast (a weekly news and talk show about the world of books and reading), as well as Dear Book Nerd (a bi-weekly advice show about life and literature). They also sell accessories, books and more that appeal to everyone from the philosophical reader to readers of young adults books.

They have two subscription services. The first is The Riot Read, which sends out a new book every month and provide access to articles, interviews, and a companion podcast for the title. The cost is $30 a month, and currently only one title is available though it appears they’re adding two new genres to choose from soon.

The second subscription option is the one that intrigued me so much that I subscribed. It’s the Book Riot Quarterly Box which sends out a mystery box with nothing more than a hint emailed before shipping.  The themed hint for the Book Riot Box #4 (#BKR04) was, “Books illuminate our lives, and they ignite a kind of magic that turns words on a page into pictures in our heads. When we read, we see more than letters arranged into words into sentences into paragraphs into chapters into a book. Reading is an exercise and a mystery. Reading sustains us and drives us. The awesome stuff we’ve picked for BKR04 is all tied to these ideas.”

Of course at first glance, my mind immediately thought about a light or a spark, but I couldn’t come up with what could be in this mysterious box I would be receiving. I am happy to say I received the box and loved everything inside of it! Not only that, but I could take the time to figure out just how the items matched up with the ideas that Book Riot hinted to its subscribers.

My first mystery box arrived today, and I couldn’t have been more excited! Here’s what I received:

Book Riot Box #4 (#BKR04)  – September 2014

  • What We See When We Read,  by Peter Mendelsund
  • The Salinger Contract,  by Adam Langer
  • Custom Literary Quote Prints from Obvious State
  • A Read Harder Water Bottle
  • A Read Sticker
  • A free Ebook of Maps And Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands, by Michael Chabon

There was also a chance for me to win the golden ticket item which was a Lumio Book Lamp and a chance to win several other prizes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of the extras this time around, but I loved my box nonetheless. Book Riot Box #4 (#BKR04)

If you love to read and want to be involved with something that not only pushes you outside of your comfort zone, but does it in a way will make you happy like a child at Christmas, then I highly suggest trying this fun little quarterly subscription box. The cost is $50 per quarter, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Sure, I could go to a bookstore and buy 2-3 books for $50, but I wouldn’t have any of the fun little extras that came in the Book Riot box.  This allows me to step outside of my normal genres, something I love to do on occasion and exposes me to new authors and books.

If you’re a reader or know someone who is, the Book Riot Quarterly subscription box is the perfect gift!