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Things have changed since I was in school. Back in the day when we needed resources for a school assignment, we had to be driven to the library. With five kids, I’m sure that’s a trip my parents made often. When schedules didn’t allow them to take us, we did the best we could by calling a friend whose family owned a set of Encyclopedias or Dictionary.

Today’s families have that set of Encyclopedias and so much more available to them in an instant and from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. But now there’s a new problem for parents. There are so many resources available on the Internet, how does a parent pick reputable sites that will help their student? It’s easy to get lost inside the internet looking for the resources you need and worse, it’s easy to get distracted and end up wasting time. Heck, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started researching a topic only to find myself shopping for something totally unrelated because an ad showed me a sale on something I suddenly had to have.

Verizon Educational Tools: What is it?

Verizon wants to help you and your student find the educational resources that will be useful by offering a new app that will help you discover the best educational apps per grade level and subject. The Verizon Wireless Educational Tools app uses experts to rate the apps they recommend. These industry experts are hand-picked and include teachers, instructors, and education specialists and each has earmarked the best information by grade and skill levels, subjects, and Common Core State Standards (when applicable).

VERIZON Educational Tools - Examples Verizon Educational Tools: Customized Student App Resources #VZWEducation ad

The app is designed for parents and teachers who are looking to enrich the learning experience. It’s also perfect for adult learners like me who want to keep their skills fresh, learn new ones, and challenge your brain to keep working. Think you can do 4th grade math? Try it!  Ready for more? Check out the 12th grade and take on Trigonometry, Writing, Science & Technical, and more. You can do it with the Verizon Educational Tools app.

Verizon Educational Tools: What’s it Cost?

For anyone on the More Everything Plan the Verizon Wireless Educational Bundle is FREE! For any other Verizon plan,  it’s $2 a month and you can cancel at anytime.

Get the Verizon Educational Tools

Download the app from your My Verizon account or access the mobile app from Google Play™ Store or Apple® App Store

Verizon Educational Tools: Customized Student App Resources #VZWEducation ad

What will you find there? Book and reference apps, e-books, learning games and videos plus content from Scholastic, BrainPOP, Copia,, and TinyTap (some resources require a paid subscription in addition to the app to use).

Next month I’ll be covering some of the resources including my favorites. Until then, download the Verizon Educational Tools App and let me know what you think!