With this season of Big Brother fizzling fast, I’ve already started searching for something else to keep me busy while I work. I’ve watched every documentary on Netflix and season after season of TV on Hulu Plus, so when I stopped watching the Big Brother live feeds less than a month in, I was happy to find Utopia.

FOX Utopia TV Show - Reality 24/7 365 Days

Source: FOX

Utopia TV Show – What Is It?

Utopia is FOX’s newest reality show where viewers are invited to watch the “Pioneers” 24/7 from their computer or smartphone. The show was conceived and originally aired in Holland, by John de Mol, a reality show pioneer. He’s one of the people behind Endemol and Talpa, and you’ll have seen his name and logo on Big Brother, Fear Factor, The Voice, Wipeout, Deal or No Deal, and more.

The Utopia TV show starts with 15 Americans sent to a primitive location where they’re tasked with building their own society without any rules. There is no electricity (though there are lights provided to allow them to film), no plumbing (no toilets or showers – yuck!), or running water for that matter. They do have a barn, though rudimentary, a few animals, and a lake.  The Utopian TV show is set to run for a full year and unlike most reality shows, there are no prizes or scripted challenges, just the test of how these people are going to come together as a community to survive.

They have three acres to work with in Santa Clarita, CA where outsiders with Utopian Passports will be able to interact with the Utopians (as long as they’re not friends or families of the cast members) on selected dates. The show takes 200 crew members to put together and 130 cameras installed in trees, between floorboard, and hung from the ceiling that are collecting video which is used to create the TV episodes and the four live feeds which stream 24/7 for the entire 52 weeks.  The cast is instructed not to address the cameras, so we won’t see any confessionals like the Diary Room in Big Brother, and therefore no shout outs and mugging… thank goodness!

Official Trailer FOX Utopia

The Utopia TV show episodes won’t start airing until September 7th, but the feeds went live yesterday and already one Utopian Pioneer has been sent home before filming began so only 14 entered their new home on 8/29/14.

But she wasn’t the only Utopian to make waves. Today  I logged in for the first time and there was a major meeting about the behavior of one of the male participants. It seems there was alcohol consumed on the first night and one of the male participants tried to force himself on one of the women. Aside from the sordidness of the topic, watching them try to figure out a way to work together and handle the situation, so very early in the process, is truly intriguing. As their personalities clash right off the bat, it’s not hard to see this is going to be an addicting series and I’m hooked after just a few minutes.

I know it won’t always be this explosive and I’m actually looking forward to some more mundane days of how they’re going to cope with organizing themselves, making do with the supplies they’ve been provided, and  sourcing more and generally just working to create a more comfortable existence. Again, the personalities are varied and I suspect they’re are going to be some huge divides within the group very soon, but that’s ok, because Newtopians can be brought in at any time to really shake things up!

Current Utopians  - Source: FOX

Current FOX Utopians

I already have several Utopian’s that I’m not a fan of after watching for just a few hours. You can find out more about all of the participants including a Doomsday Prepper, a NYC Attorney, a Holistic Doctor, a pregnant Behavioral Specialist from here in Seattle, an ex-Con, and a self-proclaimed and toothless “backwoods hillbilly.”

Utopia TV Show – How to Watch Online & Via Mobile

Utopia can be accessed via your  computer or mobile device. On your computer, go to www.UtopiaTV.com (make sure you add the TV or you’ll be taken to a site of wellness products :)) first and set up your Utopia Passport.  You’ll need to connect to one of your social media accounts (Google +, Twitter, or Facebook) and choose which of the two types of account you want.

  • FREE PASSPORT – Two 24/7 live feeds are provided plus some limited video content. These feeds are more family-friendly – the curse words are bleeped.
  • PREMIUM PASSPORT – Four 24/7 live feeds, control of the 360º camera, and access all video content. The cost is $4.99 a month and it renews monthly until you cancel it. The two extra premium feeds are not suitable for children.

Now that you have your Utopia Passport set up, you can start watching the live streams from your computer or download the UTOPIA FOX App (get it for Windows 8, Windows mobile, IOS, and Android). Install it and login by connecting it to the same social media channel you did during registration and you’re ready to go!

I know some people are complaining about having to link their Utopia Passport to their social media account but I actually like it. For instance in the chat, the discussion has been fabulous and the people helpful because it’s harder to hide behind  an anonymous screen name which usually leads to trolling.

Utopia TV Show – Debut

Beyond the live streams, FOX will present Utopia several times a week after a three-night premiere event, which begins Sunday, September 7 from 8-10 pm, then it moves to its regular time slot – Tuesdays from 8-9 pm and  6 Fridays at 8-9 pm.

Get the the UTOPIA FOX app  for Windows 8, Windows mobile, IOS, and Android.

Will you be joining me in Utopia?