These tips for Cleaning, Repairing, Replacing, and Storing Outdoor Furniture is made possible by BrylaneHome; All opinions are my own.

Tips for storing outdoor furniture

Back and end of summer to school signals the end of summer, which also means it’s time to winterize the outdoor area by storing the furniture and decor. It also means it’s the best time to pick up some real bargains to spruce up your outdoor space!

Outdoor Furniture: Clean and Repair It

While you’re getting ready to pack away your outdoor furniture and decor, look for items that need to be repaired, spruced up, or replaced. Make those repairs and purchases now while the prices are at their lowest and the weather is still nice enough to complete your projects.

Stored outdoor items should be clean, dry, and mold and mildew free before storing. That includes draining fountains and cleaning them out with mild soap and water and then allowing them to air dry at least 24 hours before putting them away. Also take this time to dispose of any broken and non-repairable items now.

Putting Your Fountain Away for Winter

Taking some time now to prep your items for storage and to discard items that can’t be rehabbed as well as donating or giving away anything the family has outgrown (trampolines, kids’ furniture, etc.) will mean that you’re only storing pieces you use and love and aren’t wasting space with items that you’ll just have to toss after winter.

Outdoor Furniture: Store It

Storing your pieces properly will make them last for years. Here in Seattle there’s pretty much nothing that can safely be left outside over the winter. Even covered, you may avoid rain deterioration, but you’ll likely find mold growing rampantly on it or animals living in it come spring. The safest bet is to wrap items and store them in a garage. Make sure you’re maximizing your garage space by storing items suspended from the ceilings. An easy DIY way to do this is to use hooks placed into the ceiling (making sure you choose the right hanger and install it correctly) to hang lightweight furniture and cushions, or add a drop-down storage area to place heavier items above.

If you don’t have a garage, consider store them in a spare room, under beds, or use the furniture in a room as indoor furniture. If you just don’t have space available, check your attic area as a last resort (generally unfinished attics are little more protection than leaving it outside). You can rent also rent storage unit for a few months if necessary or borrow a neighbors garage.

Outdoor Furniture and Decor – Deep Discounts

Deep discounts are available on outdoor furniture, lighting, decor, and more everywhere you look right now. Take advantage of the sales and think ahead to next year. Buy it now and you’ll be relaxing in style next year.

Our Top 12 Outdoor Deals Available Now

Top 12 End of Summer Outdoor Deals

Win our Favorite Fountain!

BrylaneHome asked us to pick out or favorite fountain to give away! We LOVE the solar fountains, but if you live in Seattle, solar power isn’t a viable option for most garden items. We picked out one that should be fabulous no matter where you live plus it’s an indoor/outdoor fountain so you can enjoy it year round!

Slate Cascading Fountain

BrylaneHome Giveaway

Relax and enjoy, as water gently cascades down from the top of this indoor/outdoor fountain, creating a tranquil display with peaceful sounds. Beautiful rustic slate coloring blends with any decor. A BrylaneHome® exclusive, the fountain is 31-1/2″ T x 11-1/2″ w x 7-1/2″ D. A small pump circulates the water. Wipe clean. Original retail $299 (on sale now for $59.99).

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I love the fountain and have added seashells and beach glass to it (make sure you rinse off anything you add to the container prior to adding it or you’ll likely to end up with cloudy water). The hummingbirds have discovered this new water source and I love watching them drink from it. As soon as the nights start getting chilly the fountain will find a new home in our house. I’m looking forward to enjoying it year round!