Travel Oregon: Epic Day Drives

Getting lost in Oregon could be one of the best things you do. There are so many road trips that you can take in this amazing state and still never really see all that Oregon has to offer. Most drives can easily be done in one day or you can take the weekend and really give each place a little bit more attention. Here are a few of my favorite epic day drives in Oregon.

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You should know that traffic on the coast can be crazy, especially on holiday weekends and summer adding hours to the trip. Also, much of it is quite winding, so if car sickness is a possibility, bring along something to settle the stomach.

Travel Oregon: Epic Day Drives – Astoria to Newport

Brookings, OR

Brookings, Oregon

Hands down, my absolute favorite coast to drive is the Oregon Coast. Whether you start in the tip top in Astoria, or down in Brookings where the coast is filled with large boulders and then head north, you are in for an epic road trip.

South/North Route

By starting in Brookings, you can drive north to Coos Bay and hope that it is low tide so you can go out and see the tide pools. You might just be lucky to see starfish, anemones, giant clams, and a beauty that is just a little bit out of this world.

From there you can head to Florence or over to Eugene and take in this pretty awesome town and stay the night.

North/South Route

Heading south  from Astoria, you’ll drive through the quaint fishing village of Seaside where you want to make sure to pick up some salt water taffy.

Astoria, OR

Sunset in Astoria, Oregon

Stop for lunch and tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory where you can go home with a ton of dairy products and some truly amazing ice cream.

If you want to keep driving, end the day in Newport and visit Brewers on the Bay, which is home of the Rogue Brewery.

Travel Oregon: Epic Day Drives – Multnomah Falls and Hood River

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the US, is located just 45 miles of Portland. Multnomah Falls might not be the tallest waterfall on the West Coast, but it certainly is one of the most breathtaking.  You can view it at three different levels: At the base, right in the middle, and then by hiking all the way to the top.

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Multnomah Falls - Full View

 Multnomah Falls, Oregon

After you have spent a couple hours enjoying this serene place, jump back in the car and head east towards Hood River. It is called the Fruit Loop which is 35 miles through the Hood River Valley that meanders past fruit stands, wineries, and even an alpaca farm. This is one of the best drives in the fall as the leaves are turning every shade imaginable. I love driving it in the summer as I like to get out of my car and pick strawberries for the afternoon and grab a wine from the local winemakers.

Spending a day following the Hood River is what memories are made of. There is so much to see and do on this day trip, that you might just want to come back the next day.

What are your favorite day drives in Oregon?