Can I just say I love this new song, “Shake it Off” from Taylor Swift! Yes, I’m much too old to know who Taylor Swift is, or what incidents she’s referencing in the song, but call me guilty, I like pop culture. But what I like even more is the serious message that’s wrapped up in Swift’s silliness.

Taylor Swift Shake it Off Video from her new album 1989 available October 2014

Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” – Serious Subject Served Up with Humor

Swift’s new song isn’t all bubble gum and sweetness, though there’s plenty of that in the video, and quiet frankly I loved the song and its hook from the first listen. But it’s the message within all that fun that deals with the serious issues of self-esteem and bullying. In fact, if you’ve got a tween or teen, Swift’s video is a great way to start the conversation about bully-proofing yourself.

Through her catchy tune, lyrics, and terrible dance moves, Swift reminds people to learn to “shake-it off” instead of internalizing the comments, judgments, and more from others. Swift herself told fans that she’s learned over the last few years that she has no control over what’s said about her, but one thing that can she can control is her reaction to it. She’s discovered that there are two ways to handle it – let it change you, or shake it off. That’s something I didn’t learn until my 40’s; that she’s  managed to discover what I think is the true secret to happiness in her 20’s, is a testament to her maturity.

Who knows how many of her millions of impressionable fans will take this song to heart and learn to stay strong and be themselves. To come to the same conclusion that someone can’t make you feel bad about yourself by what they say; you have the power to “Shake it Off.”

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off Video

I love every little thing about this video and I suspect that “Shake it Off” dance video will be the next big craze. Why? Because of the shear joy at the end of the  video when Swift is joined by people who appear to be enjoying the act of dancing without worrying what others might think. That for me was a touching and joyous moment and yes, in my own way, I was there dancing too.

Taylor Swift’s New Album “1989”

This is the first single off her new album which drops October 27, 2014 and is titled “1989” for the year she was born. It’s available for presale on

Watch it and let me know what you think!