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When Best Buy offered to send me two Samsung Shape M7 Wireless Speakers (WAM751/ZA) and a Samsung – Wireless Speaker Hub (WAM250/ZA), I almost passed. I don’t really listen to music and our house is so small we already hear everything from the next room whether we want to or not. But since I’m having a love affair with all things Samsung lately, I thought to myself that I could always give them to one of my kids (both adults) if I truly didn’t need them.

When the bundle of products arrived, I once again wondered why I’d agreed to check them out. I even desperately tried to find one of our other reviewers to take them off my hands. To my luck, no one was available,  so I was forced to finally take them out of their boxes and set them up. Well you can probably guessed what happened….it turns out I LOVE them!

Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System – More Than Just a Set of Speakers

What I almost gave away because I didn’t realize what I had, were two fabulous little speakers and a hub which connects via my smartphone (currently a Samsung Note 3) to give me Internet Radio! That’s probably the most exciting part for me, but it also allows me to stream Amazon Prime Music and access other popular online services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, tunein, Spotifiy, and more. I can even play music directly from my phone and if I download another piece of software from, I could transfer over the music files on my computer as well, though I probably won’t bother.

I can access the speakers via the free app downloaded from the Play Store or iTunes or I can turn on its built-in Bluetooth and connect through my devices. There are so many ways to use these that I’m just in awe of the abilities it possesses.

Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System – Set up and Pairing

Setting up the speakers and hub took about 10 minutes and most of that time was finding a spot for them. I placed one in the living room and the other in the kitchen, the two rooms we spend the most time in. The speakers can sit flat (horizontal) or vertically with the supplied foot. For my needs, the horizontal was a better fit. I was able to slip it right into my current décor and I LOVE that they’re white and not black. They look fabulous in both places and not an electronic eye sore like most.

The hub is plugged into my cable modem in the basement which sends out its own Wi-Fi signal. Again, truly plug-and-play, I didn’t have to do a thing. Same for the speakers. I plugged them in, the hub found them, connected, and I was ready to play. Once I downloaded the app, I named the speakers by their location and then started added radio stations to my favorites. When I have a moment, I’ll reprogram the presets which come set to stations we’ll never listen to, and change them to my husband’s favorites – his departments emergency radio station, NOAA Weather Radio, and several local Seattle talk stations. He’s going to be so excited to be able to access them with the touch of a button! It’s perfect for people like him that don’t get the whole “pair your device to the hub and speakers to control it, change the source, etc.” Yea, he’ll just need to know which preset button goes to which. Perfect!

Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System Setup - August Audio Fest at Best Buy @BestBuy  #AudioFest ad

Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System – Wireless Speaker Hub

You don’t need to purchase the Samsung – Wireless Speaker Hub (WAM250/ZA) unless you want to connect more than one speaker. The tiny little device hooks to your Internet router and sends out it’s on Wi-Fi signal to the paired speakers. The device is 4-5/8” t x 4-1/8” w x 1” d and weighs just a few ounces. With a single speaker, the wireless speaker hub isn’t necessary.

Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System Specs

Samsung – Shape M7 Wireless Speaker for Most Apple® and Android Devices – White (Model: WAM751/ZA) – 2 tweeters, 2 midrange drivers, 1 woofer – 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response – size 7.6” h x 15.8” w x 5.4” d – weight 8 pounds – 1 year parts and labor warranty –

Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System – How Do They Sound?

So you know I love what they can do, but how do they sound? Pretty freaking perfect. I do listen to NPR most of the time, but I enjoyed some new playlists from Amazon Prime today and they sounded fantastic. I love that I can skip, change the volume, or change the playlist right from my Note 3.

Samsung Shape M7 Wireless Speaker System - August Audio Fest at Best Buy @BestBuy  #AudioFest ad

Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System – My One Little Problem

Sadly there is one problem with the Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System. Now I NEED a Samsung SmartTV! No, really! Our SmartTV is so stupid, it refuses to connect to the Internet on its own so we had to buy a smart Blu-Ray player to finally get it to attach. Plus it has a large black blotch from top to bottom, right in the center so it looks like there’s a huge dark cloud over it (sometimes Black Friday deals are NOT deals). And while at 32”, it’s a good size, but not for these old eyes, because I can’t read the onscreen menus! Getting old means getting a bigger TV so I don’t have to stand in front of the set trying to figure out what menu I’m on.

But why do I need a new Samsung TV? Because it pairs with the Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System to share the TV audio so my poor husband, who’s lost a lot of his hearing from riding on fire trucks for years without ear protection (before they understood that the close proximity to the sirens was stealing their hearing), could finally hear the TV without my ears bleeding from the volume necessary for him. Halleluiah!

Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System Overview  - August Audio Fest at Best Buy @BestBuy  #AudioFest ad

I bet now that the other reviewers will see what they missed out on, they’ll be contacting me to offer to take them off my hands. What will my answer be? NO WAY! And other than it costing me about $700 in the very new future, this new Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System is so simple and fantastically easy to use, even YOUR parent could figure it out, so consider gifting them with a pair. If not them, then yourself. It’s pretty fabulous having my music and talk radio wherever I need it and I think you’ll find the convenience worth the price as well!

What would you listen to with your Samsung SHAPE Wireless Audio System?