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Lullaby Gloworm: Classic Playskool Soft Toys for Toddlers - Ad

Each night when I prepare my four month old for bed, I put on her pajamas and wrap her in her swaddle (or straitjacket as my mother calls it.)  One night my husband said to me, “You realize our child looks like a Glowworm in that get-up!”  I immediately made the connection to the classic toy from Playskool that we all remember growing up with.  As we put her to bed that night we began to reminisce about that silly worm whose face glowed of yellow-orange when gently hugged – we knew we needed to introduce such a memorable toy to our new baby girl.

Lullaby Gloworm: Paisley’s Introduction

As a young baby entering into her pre-toddler stage, we are always looking for age-appropriate toys that are of interest to Paisley- we were delighted to learn the Gloworm toy was rated for ages “birth+.”  From the first moment I pressed the chest of the little creature Paisley was mesmerized with the glow.  In fact, she wouldn’t stop staring until the short demo had ended and the light and music stopped.  I couldn’t WAIT to get this toy out of the box.

I quickly read through the simple directions, something my husband wouldn’t dream of doing, to be sure I had the Gloworm on the correct setting.  (Mom 101 teaches you most toys are on a “demo” setting in stores so you can actually see what it does before the batteries run dry after every kid in the store runs by pressing the “PRESS HERE” button to make as much noise as possible.  I know; I was that kid.)  I was pleasantly surprised to see the toy had two additional settings: “light” and “play.”  I tested both to see what would happen, even though the directions clearly stated what I would expect from each setting.

While in the “light” setting the Lullaby Gloworm stays lit for 10 minutes after being given a small hug, makes no sound, and can be shut off with another squeeze.  I was so excited all I wanted to do was draw the curtains in her bedroom and play in the dark!  The silent glow serves as a great night light while lying in her crib and is a feature I think she will grow to enjoy with age.

Lullaby Gloworm: Classic Playskool Soft Toys for Toddlers - Ad

The “play” setting allows the Lullaby Gloworm to play soft lullabies for 10 minutes, cycling through six short versions of classic songs.  (I was grateful to not have to sit and listen to entire versions of those beautiful lullabies that you begin to sing in your sleep when looped for long periods of time trying to pacify your upset child.)  Similar to the other settings, the music and lights end with a small squeeze.  I love that this toy has multiple settings with the option of the melodies but I would have loved if the music had a volume setting, allowing for softer sounds if the child is falling asleep.  With the music playing and worm all lit up, Paisley took hold of the toy and moved it around on the floor, pulled it up onto her tummy, and rolled over to stare at the light with the Gloworm beside her.

The Gloworm is the ultimate classic toy that every child loves, even the little ones who have just entered the world.  With the warm glow and soothing lullabies, it is comforting to know such a loveable toy can be shared with my child that she can enjoy for many years to come.

Lullaby Gloworm: Classic Playskool Soft Toys for Toddlers - Ad

Lullaby Gloworm: Connect & Find Out More

The Playskool Play Favorites Lullaby Glowworm Toy is available in pink or blue and retails for $16.99. It’s recommended for ages Birth & Up and can be purchased at major retailers like, Target, Kmart, and

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