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Shop anywhere, at any time, and have it shipped to your home, office, vacation rental, or your local store.

Call me lazy, but I like having my groceries and other household purchases delivered. I think it’s actually smart shopping because I can shop all the sales, coupons, and more right from my computer and I can look up ingredients and find out more about any product, including what it’s selling for at other retailers. So smart shopping with delivery is my way of save time and money!

I use several online shopping sites and I’m finding ever more retailers are offering them so it’s made me rethink my ordering habits. I used to order from one vendor to save on shipping, but I’ve found that so many offer free or low-cost shipping or incentives, that I have to look at the overall price (product prices PLUS shipping) to truly determine which store the best deal is.

Walmart Smartphone App & Home Delivery

Walmart is one of the retailers that’s joined the popular delivery service model. It lets you get their everyday low prices, the same prices you’ll enjoy at your local Walmart, delivered right to your door.

With the new Walmart smartphone app, you can shop from most any mobile device. Once you’ve installed the app (download it here ) you can sort by brand, product, specials, and more They’ve made it incredibly easy to find what you need and to shop the Rollbacks and Weekly Ads. Plus you can purchase P&G favorites like Tide laundry detergent, Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet paper, Pampers diapers, Swiffer items, and more at the click of a button and you get the added convenience of shopping from your office, home, the car waiting to pick up kids from school, and anywhere else you have Internet access and a few minutes of time.

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Search by brand name, product type, category, or name. Then sort or filter to get exactly the results you need.

Walmart Smartphone App: Savings Catcher – Price Matching Made Easy!

But Walmart goes even further to help you save money with their Savings Catcher. When you scan your Walmart receipt (no more than 7 days old), it matches competitor’s advertised deals. But how does it do that? They scan the shopping circulars form competitors in my area for advertised deals and they match them and I get the difference paid in Reward Dollars on the app or I can transfer it to an Walmart Rewards eGift card.  You can currently submit up to 7 receipts per week and there’s no minimum sale amount. It’s included in the Walmart App or you can download it at Of course there are restrictions – check out the FAQ after you download the app for all of the details. You can bet that from now on I’ll be scanning all of my Walmart receipts!

Walmart Savings Catcher - Price Matching -ad

NEW Savings Catcher allows you to scan your Walmart receipts which it will compare against competitor ads and it will pay you if it finds a lower price!

Walmart Smartphone App: Scan It – Add it!

One of my favorite features of the Walmart smartphone app is the ability to scan the UPC code of items in my home. It tells me if the product is carried and what the price is. That lets me do some quick comparison on pricing! Plus adding the item to my shopping list is a scan/click away if they carry the item. That’s convenient! And yes, you can use that scan feature anywhere – like your local grocery store!

Walmart Smartphone App Scan It - spon

Scan it, add it! If the product you’re scanning isn’t carried at Walmart, they give you an alternative. In this case the product was available, not the size. Quick options are presented and click to order.

Walmart Smartphone App: Ship to (Almonst) Anywhere

Oh, and did I mention you can have your order sent almost anywhere? Send your groceries to your beach house rental, winter cabin, or as a treat to your parents or someone needing a little extra help. Shipping to your location is currently free if you purchase $50 or more or you can choose a Walmart store for pick-up at no charge with the Site to Store option.

Don’t have credit or debit card or just prefer to pay with cash? You can do that too.

Using the Walmart Smartphone App

Walmart Smartphone App Install -ad

Download and install the Walmart Smartphone App to access online shopping and saving features.

  1. Download the app
  2. Install it
  3. Start shopping!  Choose from Shop by Department, Savings Catcher, Rollbacks, Weekly Ad (set to your local store when you set-up the app), 1-Hour Photo, Pharmacy, and Find a Store. Use the “sort” and “filter” options to narrow down your choices and find the things you need faster. Or use the “search” function. There’s also a “Value of the Day” on the home screen, today it’s Back to College and offers a discount on a storage ottoman. Don’t forget you can also scan any UPC to click and add products to you shopping cart as well. The selection on some items is quite expanded compared to my local store. Puppy potty pads are an example. There are more brands, sizes, and quantities available through the app than I can pick up locally. And there are customer reviews on some of the items as well which helps choosing the correct product easier for me
  4. Check out & pay.
  5. Delivery scheduled – Wait for it do be delivered to your door or the store you requested.
Walmart Smartphone App Checkout - spon

Fill your shopping cart and then begin the checkout process. My saved card is on file so I just need to verify my shipping speed and deliver address and my order is on the way! Free shipping is approximately 7-days.

I told you it was easy!

Here are some popular products to get your shopping started:

What do you think? Simple, convenient, and price matching!

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