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My husband - father, fire fighter, wildland fire fighter, hunter, fisher, hiker, boater, and all-around amazing man.

My husband – father, fire fighter, wildland fire fighter, hunter, fisher, hiker, boater, and all-around amazing man.

My husband is going to retire in the next few years with 35+ years in the fire service and he refuses to have a retirement party; he’s just not that kind of guy. So I’ve been trying to think of something unique and memorable that I could do for him because I think it’s something to be celebrated. I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks and then I remembered that when my husband was 19 years old, he spent a summer in Alaska working on a floating processing ship near Dutch Harbor. It was the first time he’d left home and was one of the toughest jobs he’s ever had. Still, it’s a job he reminisces about often.

We’ve taken the Alaska Inside Passage Cruise (and loved it), but I’m thinking of something more for him, though I’d love to do a cruise again. It’s simply the most spectacular cruise I’ve taken, and sure he’d go, but I know what would really commemorate his achievement, plus take him back in time, would be an Alaska sports fishing trip.

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise - Leaving Seattle

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise – Leaving Seattle

Fishing, hiking, and hunting are all things he’s hoping to find more time to do and he’s talked about going to Alaska to fish several times over the years. Now that we’re older and he’ll finally has some time off , it’s possibly the perfect gift and I’m practically giddy thinking about it.

All Inclusive Alaska Sport Fishing Resorts

So where would I send him and our two sons, plus a few of his brothers, and a couple of Fire Fighters?  Well first, there has to be King Salmon, that’s a must. But he also loves Coho Salmon, and Halibut. They also have to provide professional fish process so anything he catches can be frozen for transport back to Seattle and anything else he’ll need while he’s there.

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

The first location I looked at is the elegant Steamboat Bay Fishing Club It’s a luxury fishing resort with a 16 guest maximum. Those lucky guests spend their nights in ocean front rooms, with wood burning stoves, and relax on decks with amazing views.

They also have some amazing amenities like a hot tub, sauna, kayaks, a club room with pool tables, and Wi-Fi. They also offer guided 25’ cabin cruiser fishing boats (heated!) that they’ve equipped for crabbing and shrimping.

Steamboat Bay Fishing Lodge - Alaska Sport Fishing Resorts  #WaterfallResort #SteamboatBay Sponsored #MC

Steamboat Bay has a chef on staff who prepares guest meals to order from wild game and local seafood as well as their onsite herb garden. Their hosted open bar is fully stocked for winding down after a day of fishing.

Checking out Steamboat Bay Fishing Club website gives a glimpse into the luxury fishing lodge located in Noyes Island, AK. I can’t help but stop and admire the amazing photography that shows off the resort so beautifully. The views are stunning, the design and decor is perfection. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Waterfall Resorts

The second option is the Waterfall ResortIt’s located within the Tongass National Forest which offers nature trails, observation decks, and more.  The resort offers several room choices from the Historic Boardwalk Cabins which sleep 2, to the Townhouse Condos with two bedrooms and a full kitchen. Free Wi-Fi is available. They can also accommodate large groups and are set up as a great fishing tournament spot with conference rooms.

Waterfall Resort - Alaska Sport Fishing Resorts  #WaterfallResort #SteamboatBay Sponsored #MC

The Waterfall Resort’s executive chef and servers provide three hearty meals daily and wine with dinner and the Lagoon Saloon is available for cocktails and catching up.

What’s Included

The best part? Both of these Alaska sport fishing resorts are accessed by sea plane from the Ketchikan airport (just a 90-minute flight from Seattle). They’re both all-inclusive fishing resorts which means all he has to do is bring his clothes and personal items. The resorts provide everything he’ll need for for the daily guided fishing tours including rods, reels, tackle, bait, and all-weather gear.  In addition, Alaska Airlines, which we happen to love and not just because our son works there, provides an on-site agent to check-in your baggage as well as your fish right from the resort.  Plus there are ground crew members to assist with travel to and from the Ketchikan International Airport. It sounds like they’ve thought of everything.

Alaska Sport Fishing– A Chance to Bond, Celebrate, & Fish!

While I love Alaska, I’ll probably sit out this trip. Mostly because a boys-only trip would be such a fabulous way for them to bond, celebrate, and fish. Plus, I’m a vegetarian and prefer taking pictures of fish, to catching and eating them.

We’ll probably take a trip together to Alaska not long after he retires and are considering looking for a place to rent for few months. We both love the natural beauty of Alaska and really would like to explore it further.

Now, I just have to keep it quiet and start planting the seeds that there WILL be a SECRET retirement celebration, because darn it, he’s the hardest working man I know and he deserves it!

Who do you know that deserves an Alaska Sports Fishing trip?