Best Drives in British Columbia Canada

British Columbia is one of the prettiest provinces in Canada to travel through on a road trip. It is the Western most province and buddies up to the bottom of Alaska as well. British Columbia is home to Vancouver, Prince George, and Prince Rupert  located on the Inside Passage up to the Great White North. Grab your keys, fill up your tank, and get ready for the Best Drives in British Columbia.

Best Drives in British Columbia: Vancouver to Prince George

Driving from Vancouver to Prince George can be done in one day if you like to be 10 hours in the seat or broken up over two days. When you leave Vancouver, you head north on Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway, be prepared to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind. On your drive you will see the Fraser River run alongside the road. Be on the lookout for wildlife from black bears to herds of elk and deer. Stop for lunch and gas at Williams Lake off the 97. My favorite spot was Quesnel, which is a quaint little mountain town with a historic bridge, water wheel, and a great place to picnic with the family. Prince George is less than two hours north of there.

Quesnel, BC - Best Drives in British Columbia Canada #Travel

Quesnel, BC

Best Drives in British Columbia: Prince George to Prince Rupert

This is another nine hour drive that can easily be broken up into a two-day road trip. Head West from Prince George on Highway 16 towards Smithers. If you want to stop in a place that has some tremendously good hiking and beautiful mountain views, Smithers is the perfect place. It is one of the last larger towns in British Columbia if you are continuing up north. Smithers has a classic Main Street and is filled with lots of great shopping and good eats. Once you leave Smithers, continue on to Prince Rupert but make sure to stop in Terrace for lunch and to walk around. Once in Prince Rupert you can jump on a ferry north into the Inside Passage or ferry back down to Vancouver.

Smithers, British Columbia - Best Drives in British Columbia Canada #Travel

Smithers, British Columbia

Best Drives in British Columbia: Smithers to the Yukon

One of the best side trips on the Cassiar Highway to the Yukon territory is stopping over at Stewart-Hyder. Along this part of the highway, you have the best probability of seeing black bears, elk, and even a possible wolf siting. There is also the beautiful Bear Glacier and glacier lake before you hit Stewart. Over on the Hyder, Alaska side there is a place where you can watch the bears fishing for salmon on top of a platform! When you get back on the road to the Yukon, make sure you are filled up as there are not many gas stations along the way. As you get close to the Yukon Territory, make a stop into Jade City. The majority of the world’s Jade comes out of this little town!

Bear Glacier, British Columbia - Best Drives in British Columbia Canada #Travel

Bear Glacier, British Columbia

What is your favorite drive in British Columbia?