Follow Laura’s journey after gastric sleeve surgery in 2013 (the start of her journey – Weight Loss Surgery: A New Beginning For ME)

My Weight Loss Story -  Prepped for  Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery – D-Day for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

August 5th, 2013:  D-DAY.  I checked in at the hospital at 5:00am, I had my paperwork signed and after waiting for a few minutes I was sent to the pre-op area where my IV would be placed and I would be prepped for surgery.

Unfortunately the nurses had a hard time locating a good vein for my IV.  On the eighth attempt  they were finally successful and I met my favorite doctor, the Anesthesiologist, also known as Dr. Feel Good!  He took care of me right away and asked if I had any questions. I asked him to take care of me for my husband’s sake and it was at that point I finally got nervous.  As they were wheeling me away, I kissed my husband and told him I would see him soon.

My Weight Loss Story - After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Honestly I don’t remember waking up in recovery; all I remember is being in my room with my mom, my husband, and my family friend.  The details were really hazy but I remember I had a morphine drip that I could click every ten minutes and I was encouraged to walk frequently. Two days later I was able to get up with mild discomfort and I was walking laps around the hospital.  I was released and sent home where my real adventure started.

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