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Paperless Coupons - Paperless Coupons made Easy with Walgreens App #WalgreensPaperless #CollectiveBias

I hate paying too much for products, but I loathe clipping coupons! Please tell me I’m not alone in this behavior! It’s not that I haven’t tried to use coupons. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat myself down and given myself a stern talking to about how I was throwing away money by not using coupons. I’ve even bought organizers, binders, and coupon systems all in an effort to become one of those extreme couponers.

But there’s always a flaw in my journey to coupon queen, and that flaw is ME! Yes, I admit it. I am the reason that we haven’t used a paper coupon in years. I’ve cycled through all the stages of couponing and the result is an enormous amount of paper in the bottom of my purse, in the kitchen junk drawn, and even on the bathroom counter. And worse? They’re all expired. By years. There are even FREE PRODUCT coupons there. Totally free and I couldn’t seem to get them to the store before they expired.

So what’s a pathetic couponer like me to do? Well I shop online a lot and I always search for ecoupons before I finish checking out. Evidently I’m a spur-of-the-moment-couponer and if I can add a special discount code during before hitting “summit order”, I will. But thankfully electronic coupons are going main stream at many retailers and Walgreens offers them as well!

eCoupons Made Easy With Walgreens Paperless Coupons

Walgreens Paperless Coupon Program Details - #CollectiveBias #WalgreensPaperless  adThe Walgreens Paperless Coupons program is one way this frugal wannabe’s like me can actually save money without a lot of fuss. They’ve made saving money easy with a free mobile app that lets me see what’s on special as I’m standing in the store aisle. For those of you like to plan your shopping trip ahead of time, you can do so with the mobile app and “clip” your paperless coupons and have them ready for checkout or even go online to their website and add them there.

These coupons are manufacture coupons just like those you find and print online, only you don’t have to print, clip, store, and remember to use them! They work with your FREE Walgreens Balance Reward Membership card. Just “clip” them to load the savings onto your card via the app and when you check out in the store (with your card or phone number), it automatically adds the coupons and lowers your total!

How to Use Walgreens Paperless Coupons

Walgreens Paperless Coupon App Experience - Paperless Coupons made Easy with Walgreens App #WalgreensPaperless #CollectiveBias

Download the app, sign into (or sign up for) a Walgreens Balance Reward Membership, clip coupons, sync your Balance Rewards Membership with the Mobile App, head to the store, shop, check out with your Balance Reward Membership card, and you’ve just saved money!

Once you’ve used the coupon it’s deleted from your coupon list automatically – no keeping track of what you’ve used. You can also check out the weekly shopper ad and add items to your shopping list, scan UPC codes from products you have around the house to find out if you store carries them and what the current price is, and more. I found the app to be extremely useful, especially for adding items to my shopping list.

I found most of the products I intended on buying, but a few were out of stock in the specific flavor I was looking for. Removing the coupon was easy, or I could have left it there until my next shopping trip when hopefully my favorites were back in stock.

Walgreens Paperless Coupons - Managing Paperless Coupons made Easy with Walgreens App #WalgreensPaperless #CollectiveBias

I ended up with everything on my list plus so much more, but I was still in and out within about 30 minutes and loved being able to check prices, add items to my list for future purchases, and more right in the store.

Checking Out with Walgreens Paperless Coupons

During checkout I entered the telephone number associated with my Walgreens Balance Reward Membership card and it verified on the customer checkout terminal that the eCoupons had been applied and it provided the information on my receipt as well along with my membership points.

When I got home, I realized my coupon savings wasn’t as much as I expected. I logged back into the Walgreens site to verify it was a coupon I used for a product and not just a sale price. There in my account was the coupon, and it was then that I realized I purchased the wrong item. I bought the item which was an add-on to another item, so it didn’t count. Darn it! I need to be more careful about what I’m putting in my cart and make sure it’s the one the coupon applies to. I’m going to get this couponing thing one of these days!

Walgreens Paperless Coupon Checkout - Paperless Coupons made Easy with Walgreens App #WalgreensPaperless #CollectiveBias

Walgreens Paperless Coupons Work

I’m a huge fan of eCoupons and hope they go widespread so people like me who just can’t get their act together can still save big! So what’d I do with my savings? I bought my sister some hair dye she needed to cover the gray and my mom two of her favorite treats – black licorice and Kettle Corn. Yep, they’re huge fans of me saving money when it benefits them!

What will you do with the money you save with Walgreens eCoupons?